International Business Minor

International business comprises a large and growing portion of the world’s total business. Virtually every company, be it large or small, is affected by global events and competition. With ever increasing level of integration in global economy, successful business requires students to have a strategic and global mindset in their approach.


Module A: Business Administration (24 units)

  • ACCT 2251 Introduction to Financial Accounting (4)
  • ECON 2301 Principles of Microeconomics (4)
  • ECON 2302 Principles of Macroeconomics (4)
  • ECON 3107 Global Economic Analysis (4)
    • or MGMT 4670 Multinational Business (4)
  • MGMT 3600 Theories of Management (4)
  • MKTG 3401 Marketing Principles (4)

Module B: Specialty/International Business (16 units)

I.  Complete one of the three following specialty areas:                      

A. Finance

  • FIN 3300 Financial Management (4)
  • FIN 4310 Investment Analysis (4) 
    • or FIN 4320 Problems in Corporate Finance (4) 
    • OR (For Business Administration Majors)
      • FIN 4310 Investment Analysis (4) 
      • FIN 4320 Problems in Corporate Finance (4) 

B. Marketing

  • MKTG 3410  Advertising Management (4)
  • MKTG 3445  Marketing Research (4)

C. Human Resources Management

  • MGMT 3610 Human Resources Management (4)
  • MGMT 3680 HR Assessment & Measurement (4)
    • or MGMT 4615 Compensation & Reward Systems (4)


  • MGMT 3680 HR Assessment & Measurement (4)
  • MGMT 4520 Negotiation & Conflict Resolution (4)
    • or MGMT 4618 HR Training & Development (4)                          

II.  Select two courses from the following list, with one of the two courses being in your chosen specialty area:

Finance Specialty:

  • ECON 4700 International Trade (4)       
  • ECON 4705 International Finance (4)       
  • FIN 4375 International Business Finance (4)      

HRM Specialty:

  • MGMT 4675 International HRM (4)      

Marketing Specialty:

  • MKTG 4470 International Marketing (4)    

Module C:   International Studies (24-32 units)

I. Choice of one:

  • COMM 4830  Intercultural Communication (4)
  • HIST 3550 History of U.S. Foreign Relations (4)
  • INTS 3100 Global Systems (4)
  • POSC 3520 International Relations (4) 
  • SOC 3431 Seminar in World Development (4)                

II.   Intermediate level competency in a modern language including a course in business terminology if available.

III.  A minimum of 4 units in area studies, e.g., Latin America, Middle East, Northern Europe, Southeast Asia, with sufficient additional units in C.III to bring the total acceptable credit units for Module C to a minimum of 24 units. (A maximum of 48 units outside a Business Administration or Modern Language major is required.)


All three modules must be satisfied. All of the courses taken to satisfy items in Module C, Areas II and III, must have their content reaching primarily beyond the student’s native culture and geographic region. A student’s choices of language and area studies courses must relate to the same geographic region. Students whose native language is other than English may choose English as their second language, if their native language is determined by the committee administering the minor to have sufficient significance as a language of commerce. Students using English as their second language may make either U.S./Canada or Great Britain (not both) the focus of their Area III coursework. Competency must be certified by the Cal State East Bay Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.  Competency-certified language units based on other than regular classroom transcript coursework or based on courses challenged for CR/NC will not count as part of the minimum 24 units required for Module C. Courses for Area III must be approved by the assigned International Business Minor advisor.