MBA Oakland Cohort Achieved Top 1% in the World During 'Capsim' Simulation

October 2015

"In our strategic management capstone courses in CBE  we now use 'Capsim' in all our MBA and undergraduate business programs. One of the benefits of Capsim for us is that it gives us an idea of how our students compare with students from business schools all over the world -- and with Capsim you can't fake the results. It turns out CSUEB is maybe a little better than we realize.

We had stunning Capsim success in the Oakland cohort this year -- in Capsim, where 407 teams competed this summer in this very challenging global online strategic management simulation, we had the #1 team, the #6 team and the #9 team competing in a global pool of 407 teams from around the world -- not too bad for a single cohort in Oakland. The teams have an average size of 4 students -- which means that 12 students in a cohort of 32 students scored in the top 1% in the world.

It is also worth noting that almost all other teams in the competition have 15 weeks to complete this assignment, and most of the teams around the world have the advantage of multiple rounds of rehearsal to get acquainted with the software. Our students had two days of practice and only 5 weeks to complete this assignment because it is embedded in a 10 week course along with other requirements -- really an incredible performance given the lack of time available for the students to do the simulation."

Glen Taylor
Professor & Director
MBA for Global Innovators & One-Year Intensive MBA