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Click on a photo of a graduate of the CSUEB EdD program to get the link up here in this box. We are proud of the research and hard work each of our grads has put into the program and their dissertations.

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  • Photo for Peter Aloo

    Peter Aloo

    Intra-district Resource Allocation and Criteria Used for Student Based Funding in Urban School Districts

  • Photo for Vinnie Blye

    Vinnie Blye

    Retaining an Urban School's Most Valuable Assets: How Team Collaboration Supports Retention in One Urban School

  • Photo for Stacey Bolyard

    Stacey Bolyard

    Enacting Injustice: Dissonance between youth and discipline

  • Photo for Elizabeth Brooke-Garza

    Elizabeth Brooke-Garza

    Developing Teacher Practices to Promote Cross-Cultural Competency in the Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Classroom

  • Photo for Sheri Carbonaro

    Sheri Carbonaro

    Building effective communication methods between teachers and parents for student success in Title I schools

  • Photo for Dana Chohlis

    Dana Chohlis

    Engaging girls in mathematical problem solving: A comparative study of a girls-only and co-educational out-of-school time math environment

  • Photo for Malloy Corigan

    Malloy Corigan

    What about the girls? Exploring the academic, emotional, and social mindset of black girls in 5th grade

  • Photo for Rosa Coronado

    Rosa Coronado

    The impact of Migrant Education Program services on migrant Here-to-Work Out-of-School Youth voices from the field

  • Photo for Pedro Cuevas

    Pedro Cuevas

    Applied critical race theory: The impact of a counter-storytelling curriculum

  • Photo for Lisa Davies

    Lisa Davies

    Algebra is a Civil Right: Increasing Achievement for African American Males in Algebra through Collaborative Inquiry

  • Photo for Valerie Garrett

    Valerie Garrett

    School leaders and the application of discipline for African American and Latino students

  • Photo for Abebe Gelagay

    Abebe Gelagay

    Factors affecting African American and Latin@ students' persistence in adult education programs

  • Photo for Angelina Gilyard-Shyne

    Angelina Gilyard-Shyne

    Teacher collaboration, teacher efficacy and the opportunity gap in urban schools

  • Photo for Sylvia Greenwood

    Sylvia Greenwood

    Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: A Study of Implementation

  • Photo for Wendell Greer Jr.

    Wendell Greer Jr.

    A Comparative Study of the Impact of Linked Learning on Three Urban High Schools

  • Photo for Vera Jacobson

    Vera Jacobson

    "To Just Reach Farther": Communication, Collaboration, and Credibility--Empowering Marginalized Youth with 21st Century Skills

  • Photo for Chanel King

    Chanel King

    The Impact of Coaching on New African American Female Principals

  • Photo for Danny Lockwood

    Danny Lockwood

    "Reflecting to understand directing elements of success in the lives of African American men that can direct young African American males toward success"

  • Photo for Jan March

    Jan March

    The Missing Voice: What Young Women in Non-Traditional High School Say About Their Experiences

  • Photo for Morgan Marchbanks

    Morgan Marchbanks

    Creating opportunity out of crisis: A qualitative case study of school closure in an urban school district

  • Photo for Christie Miller

    Christie Miller

    Facilitating social capital in elementary school settings

  • Photo for Cesar Monterrosa

    Cesar Monterrosa

    Latino and African American students' self-efficacy in AP calculus courses

  • Photo for Kathy Moore

    Kathy Moore

    Finding Poetic Justice: How Teacher Inquiry Impacts Elementary Math Instruction

  • Photo for Courtney Moore-Gumora

    Courtney Moore-Gumora

    A study of students on the autism spectrum transformation in a high school transition program

  • Photo for Rosannna Mucetti

    Rosannna Mucetti

    Latino Parent Leadership in the Initial Implementation of Parent Centers

  • Photo for Bukky Oyebade

    Bukky Oyebade

    Creating Strong Partnerships to Support Single Parent Families: A Collaboration Between Schools, Community and Single Parent Families

  • Photo for Gregory Peters

    Gregory Peters

    Teacher transformation: transcending hegemonic roots

  • Photo for Michael Santos

    Michael Santos

    Creating opportunity out of crisis: A qualitative case study of school closure in an urban school district

  • Photo for Anne Shin

    Anne Shin

    The Effect of Choice Model Within the Linked Learning College Readiness Initiative

  • Photo for Jacklynn Sprague

    Jacklynn Sprague

    Student perspectives: Learning the barriers and contributing factors to meeting four-year college entrance requirements

  • Photo for Danielle Story

    Danielle Story

    Partnership of church and state: How a school district and a faith-based organization work together to increase Latino parent involvement

  • Photo for Robin Thompson-Webb

    Robin Thompson-Webb

    Pregnant and parenting teens: Making a transition while pursuing academic goals

  • Photo for Ann Marie Villalobos

    Ann Marie Villalobos

    Strudents' Self-perceptions of Support

  • Photo for Lori Watson

    Lori Watson

    "Wow, they care right?" Making Schools Safe(r) for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Youth

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