Educational Leadership Faculty

Our faculty draws its strength from their diversity of experiences, professional and research interests, expertise, gender, cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds. They are actively engaged with schools in the Bay Area, serving as consultants and coaches in many facets of schooling.  They are recognized as leaders in numerous regional, statewide, and national networks and professional organizations. The faculty is complemented by a select group of lecturers who are respected practicing administrators in Bay Area school districts and county education offices.  

College of Education and Allied Studies

Faculty Members

Gilberto Arriaza, Ph.D., Professor

Emily Brizendine, Ed.D., Professor Emerita

Ardella Dailey, Ed.D., Assistant Professor

Mari Gray, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Kathryn Hayes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Jose Lopez, Ph.D., Professor

Bobbie Plough, Ed.D., Associate Professor

Brad Porfilio, Ph.D., Director of Doctoral Program

Margaret Harris, Ed.D., Lecturer

Kathryn Strom, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Peg Winkelman, Ph.D., Department Chair & Professor

Program Coordinators

Margaret Harris, Ed.D., Preliminary Administrative Services Program (Tier 1)

Ardella Dailey, Ed.D., Masters of Science in Educational Leadership 

Nancy Jordan, Master of Science in Educational Leadership Online

Ardella Dailey, Ed.D.Clear Administrative Services Credential, Tier 2 (CLEAR) 

Brad Porfilio, Ph.D., Director of Doctoral Program

Department Staff

Debbie Woods, Academic Coordinator

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