Master in Educational Leadership 

The MS degree in Educational Leadership is a two-year program. In the first year, students meet the requirements for the California Preliminary Administrative Leadership Credential. In the second year of the program, students initiate and complete a collaborative inquiry (research) project.

Fall applications available: January 4, 2016 - May 1, 2016

College of Education and Allied Studies

Master in Educational Leadership

  • Fall Admission
  • Hayward Campus
  • 45 unit program
  • Classes M-Th (Face to Face, Online or Hybrid)
  • Class times 4:30pm to 8pm

For more info contact:
Dr. Ardella Dailey

More Information:

Completion of the credential and master's programs, allows graduates to assume administrative positions at all levels of the K-12 public educational system. Various positions include those in school sites administration (e.g., principal, vice principal), and district level administration (curriculum coordinator, staff development coordinator, special programs coordinator, personnel director, assistant superintendent, superintendent, etc.). In addition, graduates also obtain many positions at the county and state level offices.

Sample Tier 1/Year 1 MS EDLD course sequence:

Fall 2016 Quarter:

EDLD 6000 Introduction to Educational Leadership (4 Units)

EDLD 6675 Finance & Human Resources for Equity (4 Units)*

EDLD 6801 Fieldwork I (4 Units)

Winter 2017 Quarter:

EDLD 6400 Instructional Leadership (4 Units)

EDLD 6650 Educational Law for Equity (4 Units)*

EDLD 6802 Fieldwork II (4 Units)

Spring 2017 Quarter: 

EDLD 6550 School Site Leadership & Organizational Behavior (4 Units)

EDLD 6410 Supervision and Staff Development (4 Units)*

EDLD 6803 Fieldwork III (4 Units)

Sample Year 2 MS in EDLD course sequence:

Fall 2018 Quarter:

EDLD 6025 Research Practicum 1 (2 Units)

EDLD 6720 Solving School Problems/Applied Research (4 Units)

EDLD 6999 elective (1 Units)

Winter 2018 Quarter:

EDLD 6026 Research Practicum II (2 Units)

EDLD 6020 Research In Education (4 Units)

EDLD 6124 Teacher Leadership in Equity and Change (2 Units)

EDLD 6999 elective (1 Unit)

Spring 2018 Quarter:

EDLD 6027 Research Practicum III (2 Units)

EDLD 6908 Graduate Synthesis Educational Leadership (4 Units)

EDLD 6999 elective (1 Units)

* These courses are offered online/ hybrid so leadership students need only attend face-to-face class from 4:30-8pm once a week. 

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