Applying for Graduation (MS-OTL Students)

This information is for students in the MS Ed., Option in Online Teaching & Learning (MS-OTL) program only. If you are not part of the program and have questions about your graduation, please contact your major department.

We cannot reply to your email if you are a student in a different program. 

All students must apply for graduation for their degree to be awarded and posted on the transcript.  Even if you completed all your degree requirements, your degree will not be awarded if you did not apply for graduation. Students are required to file one quarter prior to their completion term. The next term available for graduation is Fall Quarter 2017.  The Summer 2017 graduation filing period has closed; the deadline was April 10.

Please make sure to notify our office once you’ve filed for graduation. Otherwise, your graduation candidacy may be cancelled.

*** Deadline to apply for Fall 2017 graduation is June 30, 2017***

How To Apply For Graduation

Step 1: Log in to MyCSUEB using your NetID & password.

Under Student Center, select the Apply for Graduation link and follow the prompts to select the degree and term for your graduation.

Step 2: Pay your graduation filing fee

After you apply for graduation, the graduation filing fee will be applied to your student account. It may take up to a week for the filing fee to show up on your record. Check your account for graduation filing fee and pay for it (and any outstanding balance) as soon as you can. If the fee goes unpaid, a hold will eventually be placed on your record and your diploma will not be sent to you.

You can pay your fee:

  • Online via Cashnet or MyCSUEB
  • Hayward Hills campus: Cashier in the Student Services & Administration Bldg.
  • Concord campus: Academic Services Lobby

Follow the prompts for Make a Payment in MyCSUEB.

Step 3: You MUST email OTL program (only if you are a MS-OTL student).

Once you have filed for graduation AND paid the filing fee, please email us. (This requirement is for students in the MS-OTL program only. If you belong to a different program or major, we cannot reply to your email or phone calls). This is the only way our office will be notified that you’ve filed for graduation. We will then initiate and complete the Major Check, which will be sent to the Graduation Evaluation office for further review.

If the evaluator is not notified, your graduation may be cancelled (no refunds for the filing fee).

See more information on Filing for Graduation.

PLEASE READ: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How will my department be notified that I filed for graduation?
A: It is your responsibility to notify your department that you’ve filed for graduation. Our office will then begin the degree completion process. If you do not notify the MS-OTL program that you have filed and paid for graduation candidacy, nothing will be submitted to Graduation Evaluation and your candidacy will be cancelled. Your degree will not be awarded.

Q: I will not be attending Commencement (graduation ceremony).  Do I still need to apply for graduation?
A:  Yes.  Your degree will not be awarded and posted on your transcript and you will not receive a diploma unless you apply for graduation.

Q: I have one more class to take in Fall 2017. Should I file for graduation now?
A: Yes, if your last quarter will be in Fall. Filing for graduation essentially closes your academic record and you cannot register for classes in future quarters. If you still need to take a course the following quarters (i.e. Winter & future quarters), you should wait for the next graduation filing period.

Q: If I don't finish all my degree requirements in the term in which I filed, what do I do?
A: Our school has four quarters: Winter (January - late March), Spring (April - late June), Summer (late June - September) and Fall (late September - December). Once you file for graduation, it is good for four consecutive quarters (including the quarter when you originally applied for graduation). After the 4th term, your graduation will be automatically cancelled and you will have to submit a new application for graduation.

For example, if you filed for Winter, it will be valid for 3 more terms. Your graduation candidacy expires at the end of that 4th quarter (Fall). Once you've filed for graduation, you will not have to refile every quarter.

Q: I missed filing for graduation the quarter that I finished my degree requirements.  What happens now?
A: Your degree will not be awarded that term. Instead, it will be awarded during the quarter you filed for graduation candidacy. It is the student’s responsibility to file for graduation candidacy. The filing date is always during the prior quarter.

For example, if you finish your requirements during Winter quarter, you should have filed for graduation the previous quarter (by the 2nd week of Fall Quarter) to be a Winter graduate. If you finished all your courses in Winter but did not file for graduation until Spring, your degree will be posted after the Spring quarter has ended.

Q: If I don’t file for graduation, will I receive my diploma?
A: NO. You must file for graduation candidacy in order for your degree to be posted and diploma issued. Your degree will be posted in the term you applied for graduation and not when you finished your requirements (if those happen to be on different quarters).

Q: When can I participate in the 2017 Commencement (graduation) ceremony?
A: Students who file for graduation in Fall 2016, Winter, Spring, & Summer 2017 will be eligible to participate in the 2017 Commencement ceremony. We are part of the College of Education & Allied Studies (CEAS) commencement.

Q: Can I change the name on my diploma and where it’ll be sent to?
A: Please fill out the Name Change Form. Your diploma will be mailed to your permanent address. If you need to change your address, log into MyCSUEB. Get More Information about Diplomas.

Q: I filed for graduation in a previous quarter. How do I find out about my graduation status?
A: Log into MyCSUEB and select the Graduation Status/Commencement link under the pull-down menu in your Student Center. Get More Information about your Graduation Status.

Q: My graduation candidacy was cancelled. Why wasn’t I notified?
A: All emails from CSUEB (including when your graduation candidacy will expire) is sent to your Horizon email account. Please make sure to check that account or have it forwarded to an email account you check frequently. Our official policy is that students use their Horizon email account when emailing us.

Q: Who do I contact if I have more questions?
A: Please contact Ayellee Adam only if you are a student in the MS OTL program. If you are NOT part of the MS OTL program, please contact your major department.  We cannot respond to emails from students who do not belong to the MS OTL program.

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