MS-OTL Curriculum

A complete description of each course is posted in the University Catalog

To earn a Master of Science in Education with an Option in Online Teaching and Learning (MS-OTL), you must complete 10 courses: 8 required and 2 electives. All courses are 4.5 quarter units (equivalent to 3.0 semester units).

Here is the required sequence for the first four courses (each is five weeks in length and each earns 4.5 quarter credits/units/hours):

  • Quarter One: EDUI 6701 (Session One) and 6702 (Session Two)
  • Quarter Two: EDUI 6703 (Session One) and 6704 (Session Two)

Once you have completed EDUI 6701 through 6704 with a GPA of 3.0 or better, you will receive the Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning.

Courses numbered higher than EDUI 6704 are ten weeks in length (each of these also earns 4.5 quarter credits/units/hours), and you will need six more courses.

MS in Education, option in Online Teaching and Learning (MS-OTL) students must take EDUI 6706 (which meets the University Writing Skills Requirement) as soon as they have completed the prerequisite/Certificate courses (EDUI 6701 – 6704). You may complete the remaining required and elective courses in any order, except for the Capstone course, which you must take in your final quarter:

  • EDUI 6705
  • EDUI 6706
  • EDUI 6707
  • One theoretical elective (EDUI 677x)
  • One technical/methodological elective (EDUI 678x)
  • EDUI 6899 Capstone course (Project) which must be taken during your final quarter in the program

We generally offer two required courses and one elective course every quarter. However, you can only take a maximum of two EDUI 4.5 unit courses per quarter.

Check our Schedule of Classes to see when these courses will be offered. Our list of Future Course Offerings can also help you plan your schedule for the next few quarters.

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