Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please read the FAQs first before contacting us; it will answer most of your questions!

What is the tuition fee for each course?

The current tuition fee is $1,327.50 per course for all students (in-state, out-of-state and international students). Please note that the tuition fee is subject to change at any time without notice.

What can I expect from a class in this program?

Each online class has a start and end date, and also specific assignments with due dates in most weeks; none of our classes are self-paced. Each class begins on the day specified in the schedule; once you log in to Blackboard, you will find a syllabus and instructions on how to start working on the course. You must login the second day of class or you may be dropped.

All courses are asynchronous (participants in these courses need not be online and in the course at the same time) – you never need to log in at a particular time or on a particular day, though you will need to log in 3-4 times a week in order to complete your individual and group assignments and to participate in threaded discussions.

Which course do I take first? And what order should I take courses in?

Here is the required sequence for the first four courses (each is five weeks in length and each earns 4.5 quarter credits/units/hours):

  • Quarter One: EDUI 6701 (Session One) and 6702 (Session Two)
  • Quarter Two: EDUI 6703 (Session One) and 6704 (Session Two)

Once you have completed EDUI 6701 through 6704 with a GPA of 3.0 or better, you will receive the Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning.

Courses numbered higher than EDUI 6704 are ten weeks in length (each of these also earns 4.5 quarter credits/units/hours), and you will need six more courses.

MS-OTL students must take EDUI 6706 (which meets the University Writing Skills Requirement as soon as they have completed the prerequisite/Certificate courses (EDUI 6701 – 6704). You may complete the remaining required and elective courses in any order, except for the Capstone course, which you must take in your final quarter:

  • EDUI 6705
  • EDUI 6706
  • EDUI 6707
  • One theoretical elective (EDUI 677x)
  • One technical/methodological elective (EDUI 678x)
  • One Capstone course (Project: EDUI 6899) which must be taken during your final quarter in the program

We generally offer two required courses and one elective course every quarter. However, you can only take a maximum of two EDUI 4.5 unit courses per quarter.

What grade must I earn for each class?

At the graduate level, a "B" average is needed for graduation. In our program, students can earn at least a "B" in all required courses (EDUI 6701 – 6707 & EDUI 6899), but can earn a lower grade in their two electives (EDUI 677x & EDUI 678x). However, the overall GPA must be a "B". This information is also posted on the University's Latest Catalog.

Do I need to enroll the quarter I've been accepted to the program?

You must enroll in a class during the quarter you are admitted to our program. Failure to do so will result in a no show status and your acceptance into our program will be cancelled. If you need to defer your enrollment, you will have to reapply and pay the $55 application fee again. However, you will not have to resubmit your transcripts if you are reapplying within 1 year of when you were first accepted to the program. Find out more Information on this Policy (Read Application Term of Entry Updates section).

Please make sure to keep track of Application Deadlines.

I am an international student. Can I apply to this program?

Yes. However, our program is not eligible for the F-1 student visa. If you are admitted to our program, you will have to complete it from your home country. If you are already in the US but under a different visa status, you should contact the Center for International Education first to determine if you are allowed to participate in this program.

What kind of students do you accept into the MS-OTL program?

Since the M.S. Ed., Option in Online Teaching & Learning is a professional development degree, we look for students who are subject matter experts with a good background in face-to-face teaching (K-12, adult school, community college, university) or training (business, non-profit, military, etc.) or who are HR/or faculty development professionals. Their subject matter expertise can be from any field or content area.

Our program doesn't do actual teacher training. Our students are already credentialed K-12 or Adult Ed teachers or teach at the college or university level; or are corporate or non-profit trainers or faculty development specialists. They are already subject matter experts in a face-to-face teaching/learning setting, usually at an institution that plans to move their degrees, workshops, or courses into a fully online format.

Is the Online Teaching and Learning master's degree program accredited?

Yes. Not only is Cal State East Bay a fully accredited University, our Master's program has also been independently accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. In order to be recognized by other institutions, online degree programs should have similar regional accreditation.

Will this program help me obtain a K-12 teaching credential in California?

No. Coursework in the Online Teaching and Learning master's degree program does not meet the requirements for a California K-12 teaching credential. For more information about Cal State East Bay's teacher certification program, visit the Department of Teacher Education.

Is the program cohort-based?

No. For maximum convenience, you can begin in any one of our four academic quarters and you can also fit your academic timeline to your work or family schedule by taking only one class per quarter or skipping a quarter. So while you may start out with the same classmates, you are not locked into an inflexible timeline.

How quickly can I earn my M.S. in Education with an Option in Online Teaching and Learning Degree?

Our courses are delivered entirely online and in 5 or 10 week modules, enabling you to complete your master's degree in only 15 months if you take two courses per quarter for five consecutive quarters.

I have already been accepted to another Masters degree program at CSUEB. Can I do this program as part of a dual masters?

No. You would need to complete one Master’s degree program first. You can complete your other master program first then apply our program, or vice versa. Get more Information on Dual Masters Degree. You will still need to apply to our program; admission is not guaranteed.

Do I need to come to Cal State East Bay's campus to complete the program?

No. Courses in the Online Teaching and Learning master's program are offered completely online and campus attendance is never required or needed to complete the program.

Can the Online Teaching and Learning Certificate Program courses be applied to the Master's program?

Yes. The 4 required courses in the Online Teaching and Learning Certificate Program are fully transferable if you are accepted into the M.S. in Education with an option in Online Teaching and Learning Degree Program. The master's program will only require 6 additional, 4.5 unit courses.

Can I use the Over 60 Fee Waiver to enroll in this program?

No. This program is not eligible for the Over 60 Fee Waiver because it is offered through the Division of Continuing & International Education, which is self-support and does not use any funds from the state of California. The Over 60 Fee Waiver can only be used for degree programs that use state funds.

Are there special accommodations for students with disabilities?

If you need special accommodations for a disability, please contact the Accessibility Services department as early as possible (preferably before the class begins). If you have questions about how we accommodate students with disabilities in our online courses, please let us know.

Can I take a leave of absence?

You may be away from the program for only two consecutive quarters and must enroll in a class by the third quarter if you want to maintain your acceptance in the program. Otherwise, your admission will be cancelled. You will have to re-apply and pay the $55 application fee (and you may also have to resubmit transcripts) if you want to start taking courses again.

Why is it important that I use my Horizon e-mail account?

You Horizon e-mail account is the only e-mail address to which all course communications will be sent to, as well as the email account you should use when communicating with individuals at the university. This is the official way the university will contact you once you become a student. You can have you Horizon account forwarded to a personal e-mail account. However, when contacting CSUEB staff & faculty you must use your Horizon e-mail account.

What is a NetID?

The NetID is a login name that contains no personal information about the user. It will look something like ab1234 (two alpha characters followed by four numbers). It is used for logging into a variety of systems on campus such as Horizon email, Blackboard and MyCSUEB. It does not replace or change a person's email address. Get more General Information on NetID.

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