Registration for Classes and Online Classes

You are required to be a registered, full-time student every quarter.

Full-time is:

  • Undergraduates and 2nd Baccalaureates = enrolled in 12 units or more
  • Graduate Students = enrolled in 8 units or more

Online Classes

Only 1 online course per term can count towards your full-time status when you are enrolled full time (for both undergraduate and graduate students).

  *** You may take more than 1 online class per quarter but these classes will not count towards your full time status for immigration purposes. 

If you are in your final quarter and you will be less than full time, your last class can NOT be online. 

If you are going to be less than full time and NOT on your annual vacation quarter, please check with an international student advisor before enrolling in online classes. Especially if you are enrolling in English 3001, 3003 or MKGT 3495. The majority of the time, you will be required to enroll in an "in-person" section. 

Exceptions to this requirement are allowed if you receive prior approval from CIE. To receive approval for a Reduced Course Load for a specific quarter, you must submit the Request for Reduced Course Load form before the beginning of the quarter.

You will not be able to register for classes until you clear any holds preventing you from registering for classes!

Program Completion vs. Graduation Date

Program Completion Date

Your program COMPLETION date is NOT graduation/commencement date, and NOT the diploma issuing date. It is the date you COMPLETE all degree requirements.

Your 60 Day Grace period will begin after your course completion date, not your graduation date.

Open University Classes

F-1 degree seeking students are not permitted to enroll in classes through the Open University program at CSU East Bay. These classes will NOT be counted towards your full course of study.

Per university website: “Students who are matriculated in a degree program at Cal State East Bay are not permitted to take classes through Open University.”

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