Traveling Outside the U.S.

When travelling outside the United States, you need to have the proper documents to return. Anytime you travel, please complete the I-20 / DS-20-19 Request Form and leave your I-20 / DS-2019 at the CIE at least one week before you will be leaving the Bay Area. If you have dependents in the U.S. and they will travel as well, they will need separate travel documents.

In general, when you travel outside the U.S., you will need:

  1. Your I-20/ DS-2019 authorized for travel by an International Student Advisor each time you travel outside the US (or within the last 6 months if you are utilizing OPT)
  2. A valid passport and F-1/ J-1 visa

If you are travelling within North America, and will be outside the U.S. for less than 30 days, you may not need a valid F-1/ J-1 visa. Please check with the Center for International Education for details on this exception.

If you are traveling to a country other than your own, be sure to check with a consulate or embassy of that country. You may need to apply for an entry visa.

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