Visions of Cuba

Summer 2017

sa101Visions of Cuba will be an intensive two weeks. In the first part of every day, students will review shooting techniques and will discuss the landscape of Havana. We will also have guest speakers and a number of master classes, one in particular with legendary photojournalist, Roberto Salas, who photographed the revolution and was the author of many of the iconic photographs of the day. Students will also hear from two American bureau chiefs based in Havana: CNN and the Associated Press.

In the second half of the day students will shoot still photographs, essays and documentary shorts and bring back their “dailies” for a critique with the class and instructor. They will end their day with a blog. Evenings and the weekend will be free for students to enjoy the culturally-rich city of Havana.


(Open to major, non-major students)

COMM 3691 Digital Media Production Abroad Cuba
4 units (satisfies Area C4 for General Education requirement)

Digital Production will be offered in Cuba for four units (followed by COMM 4450 Selected Topics in Reporting and Editing) on campus after our return, also worth four units. We will work in a conference room at our hotel. We will work in and around the city where we will be covering human interest stories that reflect Cuba today as it moves to a closer relationship with the United States. Still photographers will produce their own work. Documentary producers can work alone or choose to work in teams.

COMM 4450 Selected Topics in Reporting & Editing Post-Visions from Cuba (on campus)
4 units (satisfies Area F for General Education requirement)

This course is a two-week long post production course where students will be editing their material from Cuba, completing their projects and preparing them for publication and exhibition. This will be an intensive final two weeks where students are expected to devote their time to the process of post-production and receiving valuable feedback from their colleagues and instructor about how to produce the best final product possible.

The work will involve writing, captioning, editing, creating multimedia art and graphics (if applicable), assembling photographs, framing, and submitting material under deadline pressure. Students will complete the course having a number of photo essays, multimedia stories and/or a documentary short.

This material will appear in The Pioneer Online, in exhibition on campus and in a special zine, which the group will produce together. The student will have gained material for their portfolio. Students may also be expected to have created their own web site reflective of their individual experiences in Cuba and with the Cuban people.

Program Details

Two weeks in Cuba: June 30 – July 17, 2017

Total Courses: 2

Total Units: 8

Estimated Fees*

Tuition (2 courses): $1,592

Accommodations and Activities: $2,800

(health insurance, local transportation, welcome and send-off dinner included)

Estimated Additional Expenses

Flight/Visa: $700 to $1,000

Meals/Personal Expenses: $500 to $700

TOTAL: $5,592 to $6,092

*costs are approximate and subject to change

Passport/Visa Information

A valid Passport is required to travel outside of the United States.

Passport cost is $165

More information on the Passport process can be found here:

Apply Now!

Apply for Cal State East Bay’s Visions of Cuba Summer 2017 Program here.

Completed applications are due by March 31, 2017.

Decision date is April 7, 2017.

First payment ($2,800) is due April 19, 2017.

Second payment ($1,592) is due June 12, 2017.

Apply early, spaces are very limited.

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