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Anthropology is a wonderful preparation for variety of careers. The training anthropology students get in cross-cultural sensitivity, research methods, and holistic analysis is an excellent background for work in the business world and private sector, government, or non-profit service work. Anthropology helps you understand the cultural diversity of the population in the United States, and it also helps you to thrive in jobs that take you to foreign countries. Anthropology majors may work in fields directly related to anthropology (as archaeologists, ethnographers, or museum curators) or may build careers in related areas. Some jobs you might consider are:

Anthropologist • Archaeologist • Artifacts Conservator • Curator • Ethnologist • Foreign Service Officer • Immigration Service Official • International Aid Agencies Official • International Business Employee • Multicultural Education Instructor • Museum Curator • Park Ranger • Park Service Official • Professor/Teacher • Refugee Worker • Researcher • Social Science Teacher • Social Worker • Travel Consultant • Urban Planner

Northern Kentucky University has created an excellent website focused on employment for anthropology graduates. You can access that site through this link:

Anthropology in Action (ANTH 3785) is usually offered each spring, and provides a service-learning approach to understanding how to become a practicing anthropologist. Students engage in volunteer service in local organizations, and learn about how to apply the insights and methods of anthropology to real-world jobs. The class also discusses the domain of applied anthropology, and students take time to consider career strategies and resume building.

The Career Development Center (CDC) here at CSUEB has a variety of resources to help you discover and learn more about the Anthropology major and typical jobs and career paths that graduates pursue. Start with their Resources to Research Occupations / Majors web page. (this link goes to: )

We also suggest you visit the CDC in Warren Hall 509 to discuss your career plans with a Career Counselor. They can help you clarify your goals, provide detailed information about occupations, get an internship or part-time job related to your major, discuss graduate school application/preparation, and assist you with every aspect of your full-time job search when you graduate. Please read about their counseling services and drop-in counseling hours (this link goes to: )

A frequently updated interactive page with example of anthropology careers can be found here:

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