Undergraduate Major in History in the Semester System


A quick round up of what is different under semester system:

  • Two terms of World History (rather than three)
  • Required course in Applied History
  • Thematic Areas of Concentration (3)
  • Only two electives in History outside of your area of concentration
  • Required 1-unit “History Labs” (3)
  • Public History no longer a capstone course – rather an option for Applied History
  • 1-unit portfolio course to prepare you for next steps


OVERVIEW OF THE NEW MAJOR  (51 semester units)

I. Lower Division Courses (16 required units)

HIST 101 World History I (3 units) [quarter system equivalent= 1014, 1015]

HIST 102 World History II (3 units)[quarter system equivalent= 1015, 1016]

HIST 110 US History I (3 units) [quarter system equivalent= 1101]

HIST 111 US History II (3 units) [quarter system equivalent= 1102]

HIST 201 Introduction to History (4 units) [quarter system equivalent= 2010]


II. Core Skills Courses (16 units required)

HIST 301 Historical Writing (4 units) [quarter system equivalent= 3010]

HIST 400 Historiography (4 units) [quarter system equivalent= 4030]

HIST 405 History Labs (1 unit each – 3 required)

HIST 409 Portfolio Course (1 unit)

HIST 499 Thesis Capstone (4 units) [quarter system equivalent= 4031]


III. Course in Applied History (4 units required)

HIST 402 Public History (4 units) [quarter system equivalent=4032]–or-

HIST 403 Digital Methods in History (4 units) [quarter system equivalent=3125] -or-

HIST 404 The Teaching of History (4 units) [quarter system equivalent=4033]


IV. Areas of Concentration (9 units required)

Choose one theme:

  • Migration and Globalization
  • Sustainability and Modernization
  • Social Justice and Citizenship

Choice of three courses that full your area of concentration.  Here is a copy of the course list, organized by area of concentration.


V. Electives in History (6 units required)             

Choice of two courses outside of your area of concentration.

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