Theatre and Dance Alumni

For several years we’ve dreamt of a spotlight webpage featuring the work and lives of our alumni. Your careers represent a vast wealth of experience in numerous fields and your experience could be of immeasurable use our students. Once you’ve completed the survey your response will be posted on our webpage in a timely manner, please refer to the link below for a sample. Thank you and best wishes.

A sample page link

Alumni Survey
Full Name :
Graduation Year & Area of Focus :    
Describe your career, especially what you are doing now. OK to mention
companies/industries, productions, grants, awards, locations, and such :
How has your Cal State experience helped your career?  OK to mention
getting started in careers, switching careers, and/or your current career :
If friends or family are important to your life’s story, say so here. OK to
talk about spouses, significant others, children, and friends :
If you have more time, tell us your best advice for students :
Address :
City :
State :
Zip Code :
Phone :
Email :
May students contact you for advice or questions?   
May we put you on the alumni network webpage?   
Should we put your contact information on the webpage?   
Please include or send a photo; OK to send a headshot, yourself in a professional environment or a family snapshot.  
Are you open to receiving messages about: Volunteer Opportunities     
Advisory Committee     
Guest Lecture or Panels     
Please feel free to send or attach your resume and/or personal website links.  

Thank you for the opportunity to catch up with you.

Have a question? Please call the department Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, (510) 885-3118 or

e-mail us at

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