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Scholarship/Award Recipients

Shannon Muse earns 2012-13 PUAD VrMeer Family Scholarship

Shannon Muse received the 2012-13 VrMeer Family Scholarship of $500 from the Department of Public Affairs and Administration. The selection is based on academic performance, and an essay on personal commitment to public service as a career choice and toward the public good by a single-parent major. The scholarship was established by the VrMeer family in honor of Richard VrMeer, Ph.D., who was a long-time professor and chair of the department.

Head shot of Michael Stubblefield

Undergraduate commission in music goes to Michael Stubblefield

Michael Stubblefield, a senior for the 2012-13 academic year, received the 2012 Glenn Glasow Undergraduate Commission.

It gives Stubblefield an opportunity to have an original composition performed live.

Friends of the Arts awards annual scholarships for 2012

The Friends of the Arts has awarded scholarships of $1,000 each to Theatre and Dance students Alberto Symon, '12, and Jennifer Stern; Louie Flores, Jr., music; and Alberto Symon, art.

Awards of $500 each have been made to English majors Rhiannon Williams and Christopher Dizon, both of whom are studying creative writing.

Human Development & Women's Studies makes two Beverly Tucker awards

Lisa Taylor, a senior double majoring in Human Development and Nursing; and Noha Basilious, a senior in Human Development, have been selected for the 2012 Beverly Tucker Against All Odds Scholarships. Each will receive $6,225.

A committee made the selection based on the students' grade point averages, personal statements, and letters of recommendation.

Tucker is a lifelong advocate of public education, who has been contribiting to the CSUEB Deparrment of Human Development and Women's Studies for several years.

History Department awards 2012 scholarships

Luis DeGuzman has received the $2,000 Evelyn Whitman Rice Scholarship for an Outstanding Major in History.

Other awards are the Gerard C. and  John M. Stanley Scholarship in History to Aaron Johnson, the Kwon-Irish Award split between Adam Fitch and Catherine Alexander; and the Evelyn Whitman Rice Graduate Award to Adam Fitch.

History also made the following awards: for HIST 4030, funded by the Daniel Gilliard Endowment: Doug Halpern and Katherine Schoenrank; best papers in HIST 4031, funded by the Evelyn Whitman Rice Endowment: Percival Delacruz: “The James Earl Wood Collection: Tools for Understanding Filipinos in California, 1924-1934,” Sean Gallagher: “The Fullness of her Wealth and of Her Bounty: An Economic Analysis of California Union Democrats in the Civil War," Ami Jones: “Judy Chicago: Agency in Pursuit of Greatness,” Jeffrey Sommer: “The Yippee Media-Mythos,” and Michael Vandenbusch: “The Rise of Richmond, California 1941-1945.”   

The HIST 4032 award, funded by the Evelyn Whitman Rice Endowment, went to John Hemmerich; and the World Civilizations Award, funded by donations in memory of Professor Emeritus John Morby, went to Jason Frederick.

head shot of Emily Flemming

2012 Panetta Institute Internship goes to Emily Flemming

The 2012 Panetta Institute Internship from the Cal State East Bay campus has been awarded to Emily Flemming, a senior in Sociology, with an emphasis in Social Services. She hopes to earn an additional minor in Political Science through the award.  

Flemming will go to the Panetta Institute for Public Policy at the CSU Monterey Bay campus for two week’s of training in August, then spend 11 weeks in Washington, D.C. working full-time in the office of a U.S. Congress person and attending special seminars.

She hopes the international attmosphere of Washington, D.C. will acquaint her with career possibilities where she can be most helpful to her fellow man.

Two Social Work grads receive awards

Kelvin Xu, '12 MSW, received the 2011 Diana Ming Chan Scholarship Award of $1,000 from the Asian and Pacific Islander Social Work Council of the National Association of Social Workers, California Chapter. It recognizes a bilingual, high-achieving student who scored well on an essay on helping others through bilingual skills.

Sunha Tallakson, '12 MSW, received a $500 grant to support her research on health, resilience, and depression in LGBTQ older adults. Her research is part of a collaborative project with Sarah Taylor, assistant professor of social work, and Ben David Barr, executive director of the Rainbow Community Center.

Head shot of Robert Lyons

Music Department awards annual graduate Glasow Fellowship

Robert Lyons, a third-year graduate student, received the 2012 Glenn Glasow Fellowship in Composition.

The Glenn Glasow and Yoshiko Kakudo Endowment in Music Composition was created in 2009. Glasow was a CSUEB professor of music and Asian studies from 1961 to 1995. In addition to teaching, Glasow was an active composer and an expert in world music, particularly Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu. 

Head shot of Sean Young

English awards Ireys English Teaching Scholarship to Sean Young

The $1,500 Virginia F. Ireys English Teaching Scholarship for 2012 has been awarded to Sean Young. The senior from Dublin, who specialized in British and American literature, will use the award to get his single-subject teaching credential. First though, he hopes a TESOL (Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate will enable him to teach English in Turkey.

Young’s winning essay explains how a high school English teacher’s passion for literature inspired his career plans.

Head shot of Jason Greene

Philosophy awards annual 'Prestigious Bassen Prize'

The Philosophy Department has awarded its "Prestigious Bassen Prize" for 2012 to two majors for the best written submissions to Reflections, CSUEB's online journal of undergraduate philosophy.

The first place winner is Jason Greene for his essay, "Am I Evil?: A Phenomenology of Disability." Greene will receive a $1,000 scholarship. The second place winner, Jamin Pursell, will receive a $500 scholarship for, "Does Religion Always Come Around?: An Analysis of Carl Jung's Perspective on Religion."

These essays will appear in the edition of Reflections coming out during the fall quarter of 2012. Previous Refractions are at:

Head shot of Ana Jimenez

Ana Jimenez receives first annual Eiichi & Marion Nakamura Award

Criminal Justice Administration has awarded the first $400 Eiichi and Marion Nakamura Award to Ana Jimenez, a senior in CRJA.

Blake Nakamura, ’87, created the award in the name of his parents, Eiichi and Marion.

Blake Nakamura is chief deputy of the criminal division in Salt Lake City’s District Attorney’s Office, was for six years in the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office, and for 11 years, was in private practice. Prior to that, he was an investigator for the Alameda County Public Defender’s Office.

The award was presented at the June 6, 2012 CRJA Graduation Reception.

Communication Department names 2012 scholarship, award recipients

The folloewing scholarships have been given: Karl Robinson to Dana DeMercurio and Maha Jacobs; Mass Comm Alumni to Keiko Williams; Pat Radin to Lauren Lola; and John Gothberg to Katherine Read and Matthew Mattson.
Awards include Public, Professional, Organizational to Dan Shull; Media Productions to Natalia Aldana and Cherie Vargas; Graduate Student to Brittney Williams; Graduate Research to Kalemba Kizito; Graduate Teaching Associate to Vanessa Forcari; and Undergraduate Student Leader to Raheela Dharani.

Pioneer awards include: Editorial of the Year to Amanda Zepeda; Commitment to Excellence to Cheyann Elmore and Anne Bartlett; Article of the Year to Cherie Vargas; Journalism Innovation to Justin Kernes; Journalist of the Year to Natalia Aldana; Advertising Sales to Itzamar Gonzales and Hassan Iftilhar; TV Broadcast Student of the Year to Kylene Glover, Charlie Kenneweg and Daouda Zale; TV Outstanding News Package: Operation Urban Shield to Daouda Zale, and CFA Strike to Chris Bermudez; Outstanding Documentary of the Year for Occupy in the Bay Area to John Riley; Outstanding Producer to Desiree Johnson; Outstanding News Anchor Team to Allison Armour, Christopher McBride, Natalia Aldana, and Al Foreman; and Outstanding Tutor to Scott Lydon, Raheela Dharani, and John Yatsko.

Theatre and Dance awards 2012 scholarships

Theatre and Dance scholarship recipients are Jasmine Williams, Theatre Grant Student Artist of Merit; Rhiannon V. Williams, Theatre Trust Student Artist of Merit; Belgica Rodriguez, Theatre Grant Student Artist of Merit; Teresita Brown, Theatre Grant Student Artist of Merit; and Marena MacGregor and Marie Ibarra, Carol Channing and Harry Kullijian Musical Theatre Student Artist of Merit, co-recipients.

Modern Languages and Literatures makes awards to 8 students

2012 Spanish majors Miguel Pimentel, Rishi Kalsa, Irma Toman, and Martha Macias; American Sign Language major Amanda Barrientz; French minor Mélody Boulanger; and French majors Ikay Mwanangele and Christopher Girardeau each received $600 Peter Boesch Scholarships from the Department of Modern Languages and Literatues.

Once soley for German majors, the award is now open to all students with a mimimum 3.00 gpa in major or minor in languages. The selection is based on one-page essay addressing financial need, a one-page essay in the language of choice on a topic of her/his choice, and a letter of recommendation from a professor.

head shot of Eric Gerhardt

Eric Gerhardt wins annual Geography & Environmental Studies scholarship

Eric Gerhardt, a junior in geography in 2012, was the recipient of that year’s annual Richard and Evelyn Thoman Scholarship of $600 in Geography & Environmental Studies.

The award recognizes overall academic excellence, but especially within one’s major. In Gerhardt’s case, that is a 4.0. 

The award memorializes Richard Thoman, a CSUH professor of geography in the 1970s-‘80s, and his late wife. 

Art students receive scholarships for 2012

Anne Hartwell received the $750 Mona Froyland Memorial Award for, “Sunrise (Rust & Acrylic Study II), Mixed Media, 2012;” Adriana Gonzalez won the $500 Toki Award for “… and You Shall Receive…. Ceramic & Stones, 2012;” and Divanae Folliae, a group comprised of Shalee Evans, Emanuela Quaglia, and Evelin Saavedra, shared the $750 Howard Slatoff Trust Award in graphic design for, “Torment to Bliss, Multi-Media Inkjet Print, 2012.”

Evelin Saavedra received the San Leandro Art Association award for, “Yesterday, Today, and Forever, Inkjet Print, 2012;” Samantha Bruno, Kenneth Hung, and Laura Cline received the Portfolio Awards; Martin Hebisz received the University Art Center award for, “Childhooides, Print & Solvent, 2009; ” Jena Scholten received a Digital Art Supplies award for, “White, Archival Inkjet Print on Wood, 2012;” and Hayward Arts Council awards went to Samantha Bruno for, “Everybody Hurts, Art Book, 2012;” and to Teresa Taniguchi for, “Pendant, Sterling Silver, Lost Wax Casting, 2011.”

Enrique Tabares received Blick Art Materials for, “Faith, Acrylic on Canvas, 2012;” Kevin Troglin received a Digital Art Supplies award for, “The Oblivion of Red, Inkjet Print, 2012;” Emanuela Quaglia received a Digital Art Supplies award for, “Odio et Amo, Inkjet Print, 2012;” Samantha Bruno, Kenneth Hung and Laura Cline won the portfolio awards; and Nico Harriman received one of the Slatoff Trust awards.

Justin Ta received the Henri Cartier Bresson Photo Award for, “1:00 AM, Inkjet Print, 2012;” Alyssa Albatana received the Imogen Cunningham Photo Award for, “Take One, Inkjet Print, 2012;” Joshua Folsom received the Keeble & Shuchat Photo Award for, “Lost” Inkjet Print;” Thomas Rockwell won the Workbench True Value gift certificate for, “Watcher of the Warrens, Ceramic, 2012;” and Kenneth Hung received drawing supplies from the Pioneer Bookstore for, “Brother, Son, Pencil & Acrylic on Paper, 2012.”

Students winning video festival awards were Jesse Medeiros, first place; Adriana Gonzalez Farfan, second place; and Byung Jo Kang, third.

head shot of T.J. Lyons

T.J. Lyons takes top honors in Don Markos Poetry Prize

T.J. Lyons (Thomas) Lyons took first in the 2012 Donald Markos Prize for Poetry for "Minutes."

Samantha Kennedy’s "Untitled" poem took second, and Christopher Morgan’s "Before the Crash, Yet Already Wading Through Fire" took third. Endre Branstad’s "Do You Want to See the Pigs?" received honorable mention.

The first three winners received $100, $75, and $50, respectively, and will be published in the Cal State East Bay English Department’s “Occam’s Razor.” Berkeley poet Nellie Hill judged the entries.

The prize was created by Professor Emeritus Don Markos, who taught English at CSUEB from 1966 to 1999.

head shot of Janet Burns

Janet Burns wins annual R.V. Williams Memorial Contest in Fiction

Janet Burns’ "Carry On," took first prize in the 2012 R.V. Williams Memorial Contest in Fiction, sponsored by the English Department. Her short story, Carry On," was inspired by two of her favorite British sci-fi/fantasy/humor writers, Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett.

Second Prize went to Christopher Morgan for, "Georgia’s on His Mind," one in a series of parable-like vignettes, showcasing the struggles of the author’s alter ego in Georgia; and Samantha Kennedy captured third prize with her fictional, "Amputated Love," about a young mother who abandons her husband and goes into hiding with their infant daughter. 

Jennifer Corti won First Honorable Mention for, "Watching Alice," about a lonely, empty man in a residential hotel who falls in love/becomes obsessed with a young tenant; Jonathan Hoffman took Second Honorable Mention for, "The Bell Tower," about a man who witnesses a woman commit suicide by jumping off the top of a bell tower; and Rhiannon V. Williams, no relation to the contest namesake, took third honorable mention for "On the Corner of 45th.”

head shot of Serene Vannoy

Serene Vannoy, a senior in English, wins Helen "Jackie" DeClercq Poetry Prize

Serene Vannoy, a senior in English, creative writing option, was awarded $250 for her first place in the 2012 “Helen “Jackie” DeClercq Poetry Contest. Her entry, “Useless,” drew from a near-death expdrience in 1990 following a diagnosis of thyroid cancer two years earlier.

The second prize went to Lauren Galvin, a junior in liberal studies with a minor in human development, for "Mixing Paint," that preserves the memory and history of her family. Third prize went to Heidi Torkelson-Varian, a first year graduate student in English, for "jeep Guy," that grew from a class assignment to observe an object and consider what it brings to mind.  

Honorable mentions went to Christopher Dizon, a junior in English, for "Dad's Birds, Mom's Bees," and to Sara Courter, a senior in English, for, "I Dropped By During Lunch."

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