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Degree Roadmaps/Course Schedule

The information provided below is intended to help students in planning for graduation. The degree roadmaps below are presented as 4-year plans (or 2-year plans for upper division degree completion programs). In order to graduate in 4 years (or 2 years for degree completion), students will need to take an average of 45 quarter units per year. If you take fewer units per year, it will take longer to graduate.

Bachelor's Degree Roadmaps
Degree Degree Roadmaps  Annual Course Offering Schedule Other
Anthropology (ANTH); B.A. 2014  PDF - Word
Art (ART); B.A, B.F.A. 2014  PDF - Word
Communication (COMM); B.A. 2014  PDF - Word
Criminal Justice (CRJA); B.S. 2014  PDF - Word
English (ENGL); B.A. 2014  PDF - Word
Environmental Studies (ENVI); B.A. 2014  PDF - Word
Ethnic Studies (ES); B.A. 2014  PDF - Word  
French (MLL); B.A. 2014  PDF - Word  
Geography (GEOG); B.A. 2014  PDF - Word
Geography (GEOG); B.S. 2014  PDF - Word
History (HIST); B.A. 2014  PDF - Word
Human Development (HDEV); B.A. 2014  PDF - Word
International Studies (INST); B.A. 2014  PDF - Word
Liberal Studies; B.A. 2014  PDF - Word
Music (MUS); B.A. 2014  PDF - Word
Philosophy (PHIL); B.A. 2014  PDF - Word
Political Science (POSC); B.A. 2014  PDF - Word  
Sociology (SOC); B.A. 2014  PDF - Word


Student Self Check Tool:
Sociology, BA; Social Service Option
Spanish (MLL); B.A. 2014  PDF - Word  
Speech Pathology and Audiology (SPPA); B.S. 2014  PDF - Word
Theatre Arts (THEA); B.A. 2014  PDF - Word  

Master's Degree Roadmaps
Degree Degree Roadmaps  Annual Course Offering Schedule 
Health Care Administration (HCA); M.S.

2014 (Fall Admission) PDF - Word

2014 (Spr. Admission) PDF - Word
Public Affairs and Administration (PUAD), MPA

2014 (Fall Admission) PDF - Word

2014 (Spr. Admission) PDF - Word
Multimedia (MM); M.A.

2014  PDF - Word

Social Work (SW), MSW

2015  PDF - Word

*Coursework for these programs is offered by other departments. Please refer to the schedule of classes for most accurate and up-to-date information on course offerings.
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