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"Such a wonderful place to attend college – I love the small classes" Michaela Diaz – Health Sciences

Photo of Anelyse Villa

Anelyse Villa

BPEB Student


Anelyse Villa is a BPEP (Bachelor's Plus Education Program) student getting her Liberal Arts degree and her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential at Cal State East Bay. An athlete and lover of music Anelyse chose the Concord campus because of its proximity to her home and the quality of its faculty and staff. "I went to some other schools and junior colleges around California to realize there truly is no place like home…. I love that it is so convenient," Anelyse says " I never have to fight traffic. And on a really nice day I can ride my bike! It has been a perfect situation to be at home and finish my degree."

As far as the campus itself, "You can't get more peaceful then the Concord campus. When you drive up the hill it feels like your miles away from any town. It is so quiet and peaceful with all the gorgeous hills surrounding it. I love that you can sit under one of the willows on the grass and be greeted by rabbits and turkeys!"

Beyond the physical setting, "I have felt like my education is so much more personal. Teachers have really known who I am, which is possible through smaller class sizes, and I have gotten to know them well." The staff is very attentive, with a level of service and attention. "I have never been to a school where I have truly felt like everyone wants me to be successful and is willing to help me" she continues.

While taking her general education classes at a local community college with the intent to go into the nursing program, Anelyse discovered her true love for teaching. "Sometimes I wish I would have figured that out earlier so I would have spent so many semesters taking classes geared toward the medical profession," but in retrospect, she found those courses "made me more confident in my pursuit of becoming an educator and a well-rounded student."

That confidence came in handy when Anelyse did a presentation with a group of other students on the teaching credential program at the Concord campus' annual "Day of the Teacher" conference.

For now, Anelyse is just focused on finishing her credential and starting out on a new and promising career. "I hope to stay local in the Bay Area after I graduate and teach Elementary school. "

Photo of Jennifer  Villareal

Jennifer  Villareal

Nursing Student

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