Master Theses completed for the M.S. in Geology

Master Theses M.S. in Geology
Year Name Title
2007 TEITLER, Lora F.* Late Pleistocene History of Antarctic Ice Sheet Stability a Study of Ice-Rafted Debris.
2006 KUPP, Gary Analysis of Ice-Rafted Debris at Ocean Drilling Program Site 188-1165B, Antarctica.
2006 STEVANOVIC, Predrag D.* Sediment and Mercury Distribution in the Dow Wetlands, San Francisco Bay-Delta
2006 CAMPBELL, Robert Evaluation of Arsenic Levels and Speciation in Groundwater Within Pleasanton, CA.
2005 KIMBALL, Mindy Seismic Refraction on the Green Valley and Hayward Faults, San Francisco Bay Area, CA.
2003 BUTLER, Thomas W.* Aqueous Geochemistry of an Acid Mine Impaired Watershed, Oakland, California
2002 WELLS COSTELLO, Cheryl Metals in Stormwater Runoff from a Suburban Neighborhood East San Francisco Bay, California
2002 NEWTON, Steven F. Biogenic Silica Variation at the Eocene-Oligocene Boundary, ODP Site 1090, Leg 177
2000 ARMSTRONG, Denise Hydrologic Events Related to Earthquakes in Long Valley Caldera, California
2000 MURPHY, Lin History of Ice Rafting in the North and South Atlantic - 2.6 to 4.6 MA
2000 PAULY, Bruce* Geology of the Beacon Point Formation, Sierra County, California
2000 SAMRAD, Laura Trenching on an Active Segment of the Hayward Fault in Hayward, California
1999 DICKERMAN, Scott Coarse Clasts of the Upper Miocene Contra Costa Group, West-Central California
1999 DOWNEY, Donald Petrography and Provenance of the Pismo Formation, San Luis Obispo County, California
1998 KLINCK, Richard C.* The Geology of Las Trampas and Rocky Ridges, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, California
1998 DUNHILL, Gita Study of Quartz Entrained into Sea-Ice: Grain Size, Surface Features and Grain Shape
1997 BROWN, Richard A. Effects of TCE on the Mobilization of MN and ZN in Sediments of Livermore Valley, CA.
1997 STANTON, Cathy L. A History of Ice Rafted Debris Rockall Plateau North Atlantic for the Past Two Million Years
1996 RUCKER, Bruce M. Geologic Effects on TCE Vapor Transport and Sorption in Unsaturated Sediments
1996 RICHESIN, Dean A. Late Tertiary and Quaternary Geology of the Salado Creek Area, California
1995 SMITH, Timothy M. History of Ice Rafted Debris at ODP Site 114-704 in the Subantarctic South Atlantic
1994 ARNIOLA, Mark J. Geomorphology and Quaternary Deformation in the Hayward Hills, California
1993 ALAI, Maureen Metal Partitioning in Natural and Artificial Shoreline Sediments, Eastern San Francisco Bay, California
1991 MANN, Gary M. Geology and Seismicity of the Pine Valley and Cuddy Mountain Region, Oregon-Idaho
1991 MOSIER, Dan L. Tertiary Volcanic History of the Markleeville Peak Area, Alpine County, California
1991 STANFORD, James E. Geology of the Franciscan Complex between Redwood and Potter Valleys, Mendocino County, CA.
1991 WALKER, Tracy L. Lithofacies and Stratigraphic Evolution of the Upper Vermelha Formation, Offshore Cabinda, Angola
1990 SILVA, Steven R. Geology of the Sierra Buttes Formation in the Jamison Lake Area, Plumas County, California
1989 BOEHME, Dale R. Petrology and Geochemistry of Tertiary Silicic Ash-Flow Tuffs, Haskell Peak, Sierra County, California
1989 SILER, Neal E. Closed System Sedimentation Pillar Point Harbor, Half Moon Bay, California
1989 ALLEN, Carl P. History of Ice Rafting at O.D.P. Leg 114 Sites, Subantarctic/South Atlantic
1988 SIEGEL, David Stratigraphy of the Putnam Peak Basalt and Correlation to the Lovejoy Formation, California
1988 KAYEN, Robert E. The Mobilization of Arctic Ocean Landslides by Sea Level Fall-Induced Gas Hydrate Decomposition
1988 FISHER, Jesse Geochemistry of Weathering Processes along the Kaweah River, Sequoia National Park, CA.
1988 MARCUS, Barry I. Geology, Petrology and Mineral Chemistry of a Garnet Skarn, Northern Sierra Nevada, California
1987 FISCHBEIN, Steven A. Analysis and Interpretation of Ice-Deformed Sediments from Harrison Bay, Alaska
1987 PAVLETICH, Joseph P. Amino-Acid Racemization in Siliceous Sediments from the Southern Ocean
1986 POTTER, Kenneth L. Petrology and Correlation of the Delleker Formation in the Haskell Peak Area, Sierra County, CA.
1986 CARSON, Scott E. Liquefacation Susceptibility in the San Bernardino Valley and Vicinity, California
1986 SHORT, William R. Jr. Geology of the Santa Teresa Hills, Santa Clara County, California
1986 OLLENBURGER, Ronald D. Source and Stratigraphy of the Livermore Gravels, Alameda County, California
1985 CORDON, Ulrich J. Geological and Geotechnical Investigations for the Piedra Del Aguila Damsite, Southwestern Argentina
1984 LULL, John S. Petrology and Structure of an Early Cretaceous Dike Swarm, Northern Sierra Nevada, California
1983 LEGLER, June A Submarine Pyroclastic Flow Deposit in the Sierra Buttes Formation, Northern Sierra Nevada, California
1983 BOWMAN, John K. Geology and Mineralization of Meadow Lake Mining District, Nevada County, California
1983 MAKDISHI, Richard Application of Aqueous Geochemistry to Deducing the Origin and History of Mexicali Valley Groundwaters, Baja California, Mexico
1982 BAINER, Robert W. The Effect of Seasonal Variations on Geophysical Measurements Along the Hayward Fault
1982 BLUNT, David J. Geochemistry of Amino Acids in Mollusks and Wood, Pacific Northwest, United States
1982 JAMES, Earl D. Trace Element Geochemistry of the San Emidio, Nevada Geothermal Area
1981 DUCHOSAL, Yves R. Contribution to the Petrology of an Andesiticrhyolitic Volcano in the Precambrian of Northern Michigan
1981 MATHIESON, Scott A. Pre-and Post-Sangamon Glacial History of a Portion of Sierra and Plumas Counties, CA.
1980 KINTZER, Frederick C. Geology and Landslides at Calaveras Reservoir, Alameda and Santa Clara Counties, CA.
1979 DRESEN, Michael D. Geology and Slope Stability of Part of Pleasanton Ridge, Alameda County, California

* Winners of the the HARRINGTON AWARD established to honor University Theses of the highest quality in the College of Science.

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