Advising FAQ's

What courses count toward the "Elective Requirements" and "Permissible Upper Division Classes"?

A. All upper division (3xxx and 4xxx) psychology classes can be counted toward these requirements EXCEPT those that are indicated as "not applicable to Psychology programs." (See immediately below.)

Q. Which courses are not applicable to Psychology programs?

A. Although they are valuable courses, we do not allow several psychology courses to meet major requirements. These courses are Psych 1350 (Personal Growth), Psyc 3300 (Essential Life Issues), Psyc 3410 (Psychology of Women), and Psyc 3413 (Psychic Phenomena). Psyc 4430 (Fieldwork in Community Psychology) can be counted in the Ergonomics and Human Factors Option, but not in the other programs.

Q. Can courses be counted toward more than one requirement?

A. Non-Psychology courses that are required in your major (e.g., Stat, Biol, or CS) can be counted toward General Education requirements. Courses can count simultaneously toward a major in one field and a minor in another. Many students combine a minor in Business with our B. S. Industrial Option. You can also count courses simultaneously toward two different majors and earn a double major, but you cannot major simultaneously in two different Psychology programs. If you earn a double major, both majors will be noted on your transcript, but your diploma will show only one degree (either B. A. or B. S., but not both).

Q. Can I take courses Credit/No Credit?

A. The only course that can be taken Credit/No Credit in any psychology major program is Stat 1000. Other courses taken Credit/No credit will not be accepted for credit in any psychology major program. General education courses can be taken Credit/No credit up to the limit described in the catalog.

Q. Is it a good idea to take an Incomplete in a course?

A. Instructors will usually give you a grade of incomplete if you have completed most of the work in a course, have a good reason for not being able to complete the remaining work on time (e.g., a car accident, serious illness, etc.), and are likely to be able to make up the missing work. However, you should be very careful with Incompletes. Students often fail to meet the requirements. It is your responsibility to make sure that your instructor fills out an Incomplete Grade Form indicating the amount of work you have already completed, the nature of the work to be completed, and the amount of time you have in which to complete the work. It is also your responsibility to make up the missing work. If you do not complete the work you will receive an F.

Q. What should I do if my name doesn't appear on the class roster?

A. If it is sufficiently early in the quarter, make sure you are registered for the course. If your name does not appear on the final class roster, make sure your instructor completes a "Deleted From Roster" form, indicating the course, course number, and the quarter in which you took the course, as well as the grade you should have received.

Q. What is Independent Study?

A. If you don't find courses that meet your interests in Psychology, and you would like to do some independent reading and perhaps write a paper, or do an independent research project, a faculty member whose interests are similar to yours might be willing to accept you for Independent Study (Psyc 4900). Use the faculty descriptions at this website to learn the interests of each faculty member. Although Independent Study is listed under "Department Chair" in the Schedule of Classes, few of these courses are taught by the Chair. Contact the instructor first, not the Chair.

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