Vanessa Yingling

Assistant Professor

Department of Kinesiology

(510) 885-3064
No photo is available for the faculty member.


Winter Quarter 2017
Course #SecCourse TitleDaysFromToLocationCampusTextbook Info
KIN 330501Structural KinesiologyTH8:00AM10:30AMPE-0152Hayward Campus View Books
KIN 331001BiomechanicsMW4:00PM5:50PMRO-0137Hayward Campus View Books
KIN 33101ABiomechanicsM10:30AM1:00PMPE-0152Hayward Campus View Books
KIN 33101BBiomechanicsM1:00PM3:30PMPE-0152Hayward Campus View Books
KIN 490001Independent StudyARRARRHayward Campus View Books
KIN 783501HAScience of Swimming FasterARR11:05PM11:10PMOFF SITEDISTANCE LEARNINGView Books
KIN 783502HBScience of Swimming FasterDY511:10PM11:15PMOFF SITEDISTANCE LEARNINGView Books
KIN 783503HCScience of Swimming FasterM11:45PM11:59PMOFF SITEDISTANCE LEARNINGView Books
KIN 783701HARunning Mechanics and GaitARR11:45PM11:50PMOFF SITEDISTANCE LEARNINGView Books
KIN 783702HBRunning Mechanics and GaitDY510:10PM10:15PMOFF SITEDISTANCE LEARNINGView Books
KIN 783703HCRunning Mechanics and GaitDY510:15PM10:20PMOFF SITEDISTANCE LEARNINGView Books
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