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Susi Ferrarello Faculty Profile

Susi Ferrarello has a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Sorbonne in Paris, an M.A. in Human Rights and Political Science from the University of Bologna, and a Bachelor in Philosophy from La Sapienza University in Rome. She has held professorships at Loyola University (Chicago), Sapienza University and the Florence University of the Arts. Currently, she teaches at both the California State University (East Bay), University of San Francisco and Saybrook University.

Dr. Ferrarello, an expert in ancient and contemporary philosophy, has extensive publishing credits. She has authored several books: Il progetto etico e l’idea di scienza in Husserl (Padova, 2010, Libreria Universitaria), Phenomenology of Intersubjectivity and Values in Edmund Husserl (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014), and Practical Intentionality (Bloomsbury, forthcoming). Her articles include “Values, Normativity and Facts”, “Husserl’s Phenomenology of Validity”, “Practical Intentionality: A balance between Practical and Theoretical Acts”, and “Transcendental and Spiritual Consciousness in Husserl”. She presented talks in Europe, Asia, and America.

Dr. Ferrarello has taught courses in ethics, language, philosophy, and history. Her pedagogical résumé includes Latin, Ancient Greek, Phenomenology, Moral Philosophy, Logic, Bioethics, Philosophy of Rights, Philosophy and Science, and History of Christianity. 


S. Ferrarello, The Ethics of Lived Experience (in progress, Bloosmsbury)

S. Ferrarello, Husserl’s Ethics and Practical Intentionality, Bloosmbury, 2015

S. Ferrarello, Values and Identity, Cambridge Scholar Publisher, 2014

S. Ferrarello, Intersubjectivity and Values, Cambridge Scholar Publisher, 2014

S. Ferrarello, Difesa Cattolica dell’Aborto, Aracne Editore, 2013

S. Ferrarello, Il Progetto Etico e l’Idea di Scienza, Libreria Universitaria, 2010


Teaching Experience

  • 1 year California Institute for Integral Studies, Graduate Students (2016 to present)
  • 1 year California State University EastBay, Undergraduate Students (2015 to present)
  • 1 year USF (San Francisco), Undergraduate Students (2015 to present)
  • 4 years at Loyola University (Chicago), Undergraduate Students (2010-14)
  • 4 years at Saybrook (Oakland), Graduate Students (2013 to present)
  • 3 years at La Sapienza (Rome), Graduate Students (2007-2010)
  • 1 year at Florence University (Florence), Undergraduate Students (2010-2011) 

Media contacts


Susi Ferrarello on

Psychology Today




Moral Psychology

Ancient and Contemporary Philosophy

  • PhD, Sorbonne
Spring Semester 2019
Course #SecCourse TitleDaysFromToLocationCampusTextbook Info
HDEV 45201Intimate RelationshipsARRWEB-ONLINEOnline Campus View Books
HDEV 45301Sexual Orientations in HDEVARRWEB-ONLINEOnline Campus View Books
HSC 35506BioethicsARRWEB-ONLINEOnline Campus View Books
PHIL 10018Workshop in Critical ThinkingARRWEB-ONLINEOnline Campus View Books
PHIL 31204BioethicsARRWEB-ONLINEOnline Campus View Books


Il progetto etico e l’idea di scienza in Husserl, Libreria Universitaria, 2010


Phenomenology of Intersubjectivity and Values in Edmund Husserl, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014


Husserl’s Ethics and Practical Intentionality, Bloomsbury, 2015


Values and Identity, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015


The Ethics of the Lived-Experience, Bloomsbury, forthcoming


Qualitative Psychology and Phenomenology, Sage, forthcoming






D. A. Dombrowski, R. Deltete, A Brief Liberal Catholic Defense of Abortion, Illinois Press, 2000; tr. it. Una difesa cattolica dellaborto, Aracne Editore, Rome, 2013.


H. Conrad-Martius, “Verleihung des großen Verdienstkreuzes der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Dankesrede bei der Feier zur am 01. März 1958” , in Studia Phenomenologica, Vol. XV, 2015



Articles, Book Chapters & Reviews

-      “Existential Sexuality and Intimacy” in Journal of Constructivist Psychology, forthcoming

-      “What Husserl’s ethics can do for Psychology and Psychiatry”, in
Social Psychiatry: Phenomenological Foundations,  Gleeperus, Forthcoming

-      “Husserl and Peirce on Awakening”, Springer, Forthcoming

-      “Introduction to Hedwig Conrad-Martius. Being and Having Existence”, in Studia Phenomenologica, vol. XV, 2016

-      “Einführung in die Phänomenologie” (co-author), in SyStemischer, forthcoming

-      “Living Evidence” in Analecta Husserliana, Springer, 2015

-      “Sufism, Neo-platonism and Identity”, in Values and Identity, Cambridge Scholar Publisher, 2015

-      Review of Steven Crowell, “Normativity and Phenomenology in Husserl and Heidegger”, for Journal of Phenomenological Psychology, 2014.

-      “The Place of Axiology”, Phenomenology and Mind, 5, 2014.

-      “Phenomenology of Values”, Phenomenology and Mind, 4, 2013.

-      “Husserl’s Theory of Intersubjectivity”, Axiology Journal, XII, 2012.

-      “La cura e l’Altro”, Quaderni di Sabbia, 10, 2012

-      “Active and Passive Analysis of a Value”, Analecta Husserliana, Dordrecht, Holland: Springer, 2013.

-      “The Idea of Well-Being in Husserl and Aristotle”, Analecta Husserliana, Dordrecht, Holland: Springer, 2012.

-      “Thinking, Acting and Being”, Revístafilosofía Uis, 36, 2, 2011.

-      “Practical Intentionality: a Balance between Practical and Theoretical Acts”, Humana.Mente, 15, 2010.

-      “The Axiology of Ontopoiesis and its Rationality”, Analecta Husserliana, Dordrecht, Holland: Springer, Volume 110, 2011.

-      “El don de la intuiciòn en la interpretaciòn Heideggeriana de Kant”, Heidegger Society Yearbook, 1, 2010.

-      “Intuition and Perception in the Sixth Logical Investigation of Edmund Husserl”, Revísta filosofía UIS, 35, 3, 2010.

-      “On the Rationality of Will in James and Husserl, European Journal of Pragmatismand American Philosophy, 2, 2009.

-       “The Life of Will”, Revísta filosofía UIS, 34, 2, 2009.


-       “Transcendental and Spiritual Consciousness in Husserl”, Analecta Husserliana, Dordrecht, Holland: Springer, 2009.

 -       “Psicologia Fenomenologica”, ASP, 2010.

-      “Ethical Project and Intentionality in Husserl”, Analecta Husserliana, Dordrecht, Holland: Springer, 2009.

-       “L’idea di corporeità in Edmund Husserl”, in Logiche della corporeità, R. Bruno eds., Milano: Franco Angeli, 2008.


-       “L’idée de science éthique husserlienne et ses implicationes dans le cadre de la phénoménologie”, Etudes Phénoménologiques, 2007-8, pp. 37-65.


-       “Review of F. S. Trincia and S. Bancalari eds., “Perspectives sur le sujet – Pro-spettive filosofiche sul soggetto”, Teorie & Modelli, XIII, (2007): 85-92.


-       “Review of Edmund Husserl, Einleitung in die Ethik,Biblioteca Husserliana, 2006.



The Phenomenological Method, Dublin, April, 2017 (TBD)


Teaching Humanities, San Jose University, April, 2016 (Keynote Speaker)


Phenomenological Psychology, University of Leuven, June, 2016


Intersubjective Intention, Yokohama, July, 2016


Embodied Intention, Tokyo University, July, 2016


Ancient Ontologies, Oxford University, September, 2014


Hermeneutics and Phenomenology, San Francisco, Saybrook University, August, 2013


Who’s afraid of values?, University of Calabria, June, 2013


Keynote Speaker: ‘Phenomenological Psychology’, San Francisco, Saybrook University, 2013


“Phenomenology and ancient philosophy”, University of Rethymnon, Crete, June, 2010


“Bioethics and Culture”, La Sapienza University, Rome, May, 2009.


“Il valore della vita nella scienza. Libertà e Ricerca”,La Sapienza University, Rome, April, 2008.


“L’idée de science éthique et ses implications dans le cadre de la science phénoménologique”, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, June, 2007.


“Husserl et l’éthique”, Lille 3 University, Lille, November, 2006.


“La fondazione della scienza etica husserliana e la teoria matematica”, University of Cassino, Cassino, October, 2006.





“Phenomenology of the Self” Tokyo University, July, 2016


“Dynamic and Static Self”, Yokohama University, July 2016


“Practical Intentionality”, Saint John’s University, New York, May, 2016


“Living Evidence”, Harvard University Science Center, June 2015


“Religious Phenomenon”, University of San Francisco, March, 2015


“Transcendental and Virtuality”, Saint Antoine College, Oxford, September, 2013


“The Idea of Validity”, Aalborg University, August, 2013


“Values and Description”, Ramapo University, May, 2013


“The Forces of the Cosmos and Genetic Ontopoietic Life” Paris, August, 2012.


“Intertwining Body-Self-World”, Oxford, July, 2011.


“Phenomenology and the Human Positioning in the Kosmos”, Istanbul, June, 2011.


Annual Husserl Circle Meeting, Gonzaga University of Florence, April, 2011.


“Giving Voice to Experience”, University of Seattle. August, 2010.


“Ontopoiesis, Logos, Life and Antiquity”, University of Bergen, August, 2010.


“Transcendentalism Revisited”, World Phenomenology Institute, Antwerp, June, 2009.


The Ethical Project and Intentionality in Husserl”,University of Krakow, July, 2008.


“Ragione assiologica e ragione logica nel progetto etico di Edmund Husserl”, Alma Mater University, Bologna, October, 2007.


“L’interpretazione dei Lineamenti di etica formale di Edmund Husserl”, University of Cassino, Cassino, September, 2006.



Series of Online Seminars on the Religious Experience


Webinar on “Verticality of Religious Experience” invited guest Steinbock, December 2016, Graduate Theological Union


Phenomenology of Religious Experience, international conference hosted by Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, November 2016


Student conference on “Self and Society”, California State University, 2015


The Divine in Husserl, online Lecture, Hart and Ales Bello presenting, University of San Francisco, March, 2015


Ethics Debate Coaching: organized debates each semester between teams of undergraduate students on philosophical topics including: what is the good, what is the meaning of beauty, and what is the difference between meaning and truth 2010-2014, Loyola University-Rome


Reading Group online on Ancient Philosophy, Carmenta School and Saybrook University, 2013-2014


“Psychology and Phenomenology”, winter school, Ipra, Rome, December, 2013


“Who’s afraid of the Forms”, summer school, University of Calabria, June, 2013


“Phenomenology and Values”, student conference, Rome, July, 2012


“Human Being and Identity”, student conference, Rome, December, 2011


Series of seminars on “Body and Dance Therapy”, Villa Borghese, Rome, 2011-2012.

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