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Carl Stempel Faculty Profile

Recently I have focused my research on refugee mental health, civic engagement, and economic integration. I remain interested in sport and social inequality, sport and militarism, and the politics of taxation, income inequality, and populism. Combining interests in refugee studies and political sociology, I am currently working with colleagues on a review of literature on discrimination and prejudice against Muslims, and responses to and consequences of discrimination, I plan to build on this to explore patterns of anti-Muslim discrimination becoming integrated into U.S. political divisions. 

When no longer serving as department chair, I look forward to teaching Sociology of Sport, Marriage and Sex, Sociological Theory, Popular Culture, and Political Sociology.

  • Ph.D. Sociology, University of Oregon
  • M.S. Sociology, University of Oregon
  • B.S. Sociology, Political Science, Central Michigan University
Spring Semester 2019
Course #SecCourse TitleDaysFromToLocationCampusTextbook Info
SOC 49905Sociology Capstone ProjectW6:00PM9:45PMMI-3051Hayward Campus View Books

Recent Publications

Alemi, Q., Smith, V., Montgomery, S., & Stempel, C. What's Keeping Some from Seeking Asylum? A Field Report Exploring Determinants and Implications for Fostering a Social Contract for Young People in Afghanistan. Journal of International Development.

Alemi, Q., Montgomery, S., & Stempel, C. (2018). A Qualitative Study Exploring the Psychosocial Needs of Male Undocumented Afghan Migrants in Istanbul, Turkey. Societies8(2), 22.

Alemi, Q., & Stempel, C. (2018). Discrimination and distress among Afghan refugees in northern California: The moderating role of pre-and post-migration factors. PloS one13(5), e0196822.

Stempel, C. & Alemi, Q. (2018) Economic integration of Afghan refugees in the US, 1980–2015. WIDER Working Paper 2018/49. Helsinki: UNU-WIDER

Alemi, Q., Stempel, C., Koga, P. M., Montgomery, S., Smith, V., Sandhu, G., ... & Requejo, J. (2018). Risk and protective factors associated with the mental health of young adults in Kabul, Afghanistan. BMC psychiatry18(1), 71.

Alemi, Q., Siddiq, H., Baek, K., Sana, H., Stempel, C., Aziz, N., & Montgomery, S. (2017). Effect of perceived discrimination on depressive symptoms in 1st- and 2nd-generation Afghan-Americans. Journal of Primary Prevention.

Alemi, Q., Stempel, C., Koga, P.M., Danis, D., Smith, V., Baek, K., & Montgomery, S. (2017). Determinants of health services utilization among Afghan migrants residing in Istanbul. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 14, 201 DOI: 10.3390/ijerph14020201

Alemi, Q., Stempel, C., Baek, K., Lares, L., Villa, P., Danis, D., & Montgomery, S. (2016). Impact of Postmigration Living Difficulties on the Mental Health of Afghan Migrants Residing in Istanbul. International Journal of Population Research.

Stempel, C., Sami, N., Koga, P. M., Alemi, Q., Smith, V., & Shirazi, A. (2016). Gendered sources of distress and resilience among Afghan refugees in Northern California: a cross-sectional study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,14(1), 25.

Stempel, C. (2015). “Televised Sports, Nationalism, Masculinity, and Support for the Bush Doctrine of Preventive Attacks” in Sport, Gender, and Sexuality edited by Michael Messner. Routledge.


Stempel, C. (Forthcoming). Sports, social class, and cultural capital: Building on Bourdieu and his critics. Business and Culture of Sports, edited by J. Maguire. New York: Macmillan Reference USA.

Under Review 

Stempel, C., and Alemi, Q. Challenges to the economic integration of Afghan refugees in the U.S. Under review at Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

Unpublished reports and working papers:

Explaining Support for Trump among White Americans

California Voters’ Views on Proposition 13: Report on a survey of California registered voters’ views on taxes, government spending and proposals to reform Proposition 13

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