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SPED Degrees

The Special Education programs provides candidates with curricular and instructional expertise to meet the needs of a broad range of diverse students, with inclusive and specialized supports to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families. Programs lead to the Preliminary Education Specialist Credential in Mild-Moderate Disabilities or Moderate-Severe Disabilities, and/or to the Masters of Science degree in Special Education. The credential programs are field-based and require that candidates either enter with a CA general education credential or apply to our unique dual credential program that is collaborative with our Teacher Education Department.


Education Specialist Credential

Addresses the needs of the diverse population of students receiving special education services while their Specialist teacher candidates obtain critical knowledge and skills in of core curriculum and specialized instruction. Meets the CCTC requirements for specific areas of overlap across Education Specialist credentials in mild/moderate and moderate/severe disabilities.

• Spring/Summer/Fall Admission
• Hayward Campus
• SPED Handbook
• MOU List


Mild to Moderate Disabilities
Moderate to Severe Disabilities

  • Current Valid Multiple or Single Subject California Teaching Credential
  • Department Application Packet
  • Cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0
  • University Application
  • Bachelor’s Degree

The Educational Specialist Credential offers two area options of focus to choose from:

  • Mild to Moderate Disabilities option (Autism Authorization included)
  • Moderate to Severe Disabilities option
Brochure/Course Information
University Catalog
SPED Handbook

For more information, contact Program Coordinator, Dr. Linda Smetana


Education Specialist Credential Intern

This programs leads to the Education Specialist: Mild-Moderate or Moderate-Severe Disabilities Credentials. One must have been admitted to the CSUEB Education Specialist program, have completed all prerequisite requirements, and have a written employment offer in the credential area ( Mild-Moderate or Moderate-Severe Disabilities) from a school district partner, prior to application for Internship status.

  • Spring/Summer/Fall Admission
  • Hayward Campus


Mild to Moderate Disabilities
Moderate to Severe Disabilities

The following requirements must be met prior to submitting your Intern Credential Application to the Credential Student Service Center:

  • Must be admitted to the Educational Specialist program.
  • Written offer from a partner school district.
  • Application for internship status.
  • Quarterly registration in required course work.

Qualified candidates may apply as Specialist intern teachers in partner districts. Interns approval is based on individual progress and competencies as well as candidates ability to obtain experiences across ages and range of disabilities within their district.

Interns may work up to 80% time in the Moderate/Severe disabilities option or up to 100% in the Mild/Moderate disabilities option with Intern Coordinator approval. The Educational Specialist program address the needs of the diverse population of students receiving special education services. Internship Specialist Candidates obtain critical knowledge and skills in evidence-based common core and specialized curriculum and instruction. Internships are offered at our program district partner schools. 

For more information, please contact Intern Coordinator, Dr. Linda Smetana.

Masters of Science in Special Education

The Special Education program prepares their graduates for careers in direct teaching and for leadership roles in Special Education. The M.S. in Special Education may be obtained in conjunction with the Special Education credentials, OR only the master's degree without Specialist teaching credentials.

  • Spring/Fall Admission
  • Overlaps with credential
  • Hayward Campus


Mild-Moderate Disabilities
Moderate-Severe Disabilities

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0
  • University Application
  • Department Application Pack

Candidates may obtain an M.S. degree in Special Education with an Option in either Mild-Moderate or Moderate-Severe Disabilities. The Master's Degree requirements include both coursework and fieldwork, as well as research and advanced study, including completion of a culminating Department or University thesis.

For more information, contact Program Coordinator, Dr. Linda Smetana.


Authorizations and Certifications

The ECSE Added Authorization enables individuals holding preliminary, Level I, professional clear, clear, Level II, or life special education teaching credential to provide special education services in the area of mild/moderate or moderate/severe disabilities for students ages birth to pre-K. Individuals may work as Early Intervention Specialists providing services to young children birth - two and their families. Other individuals may work in preschool, center or clinic settings as teachers or service providers for children 3-5.

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