Community-Based Learning in STEM

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

In July 2010, the California State University was awarded a grant from Learn and Serve America Higher Education in order to promote student success in STEM disciplines through community-based learning. This three-year initiative, called (STEM)2 is designed to:

  • Increase the number of students interested in majoring in science, technology, engineering or math;

  • Increase the number of students successfully graduating with STEM degrees; and

  • Increase the number of CSU graduates entering the workforce as STEM professionals.

The latest initiative from the Chancellor’s Office Center for Community Engagement: “Service Learning Transforming Educational Models in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)2” will continue for three years and includes engaged department institutes and community-based learning sub-grants. Departments will have the opportunity to apply for ‘engaged department’ sub-grants if they take part in the institutes: Science and Technology applications will be due in May 2011. Institutes will take place in June 2011. Institutes in Engineering and Math will take place in spring 2012.

This first sub-grant year (titled “Laying the Foundation”) focuses on information-gathering and relationship-building.  CSUEB's community-based Learning Program will be engaged in outreach to departments and faculty once funding is approved. For more information on the Chancellor's Office Center for Community Engagement's initiative, visit

STEM and Civic Engagement

 STEM and Community-Based Learning in Particular

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