Pioneers for Change: serve, learn, earn

working for personal, professional, and social responsibility

What is Pioneers for Change (PfC)? PfC is a paid community-based learning program housed in the Center for Community Engagement. Each year, through Pioneers for Change, the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) hires students to become catalysts for positive change within the community. PfC is a ‘serve, learn, and earn’ program built on a peer-to-peer experiential learning model. We hope our students work with us throughout their entire academic careers. From Year One to Year Four, students are encouraged and supported in taking increasing responsibility for the program and at their internship sites. Our mission is to create engaging educational programs that allow students to step out of their comfort zones and be positive leaders both on and off campus.

What does it mean to be a Pioneer for Change? It means that you are someone who wants to work within the surrounding community to make a difference. It means you have a passion for social responsibility and solving community issues. It means that you are a self-starter, self-motivated—someone who is looking for opportunities to grow and develop, while lifting up those around you. See photos!

General Job Description: Students take part in group trainings, weekly meetings, community service events, and community-based learning internships—all paid. PfC are required to participate in a Community Engagement Internship (CEI) and will be placed in a CEI at the start of fall quarter (returning leaders), winter quarter (new leaders) with placements continuing through spring. Students work closely with the PfC Coordinator to be placed in an internship that fits their schedules, interests, and skills. Students must commit to one year with the program and at their placement site.

The Freshmen Day of ServicePioneers for Change also work in the winter and spring quarters supporting the Freshmen Day of Service. Students have additional training to prepare and work hours delivering presentations, staffing information tables, and in spring quarter, leading the community service projects.

Our Partners: Our program relies upon collaborations on campus and with the community. We have a variety of strong partnerships to give students the chance to work on social issues they are passionate about: arts organizations, libraries, schools, youth organizations, city agencies, food banks, community resource groups, after school programs.  Students have the opportunity to advocate for and work with agencies that address a variety of social issues including poverty, justice, equity, community health, education, environmental sustainability, food security, and STEM.

We are hiring for 16-17. Application deadline is September 30th. Learn more.

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