Center for Community Engagement Programs and Initiatives

Pioneers for Change (pfc) is an initiative within the Center for Community Engagement that provides students with opportunities for growth and development as leaders while getting paid! Through group training, community service activities, a personal development plan, and service learning internships, PfC enables students to be leaders on and off campus and catalysts for positive change within the community.  Through our program, we hope to help students understand leadership skills and utilize them effectively for accomplishing goals; encourage them to exercise personal, professional, and social responsibilities in lives, careers, and communities; teach them to communicate, collaborate & work effectively in a diverse society;  and help them to assess, motivate, and hold accountable themselves and others.  There are two main tracks within PfC: Freshmen Day of Service and Sustainability. Our mission is to create engaging educational programs that allow students to step out of their comfort zones and be positive leaders both on and off campus.

Freshmen Day of Service

In partnership with the General Education Program, the Center for Community Engagement works each year to coordinate multiple one-day service projects for freshmen as part of their Freshmen Year Experience General Studies Course. The projects run during the first 7-8 weekends in the spring quarter. The Center for Community Engagement works with a variety of non-profits, schools, and community-based organizations to coordinate this effort. Students engage in environmental work and restoration, community gardening, fun runs, charity and fundraising events for local and national organizations, sprucing up senior residences and low income housing, arts and crafts with kids, and many more service experiences!

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