Community Partners

Welcome to the Community Partner page. If you are new to service learning start at the Learn More section below to find out more about service learning and partnering with the university.

Go to the Make it Happen section below for the specific steps necessary to become a service learning program partner.

When you are ready to go with a project and students, visit our Working with Student section for nuts and bolts information and paperwork.

Learn More

In this section you will find general information on academic service learning, internships and community service to help you figure out the best form of partnership for your organization.

Make It Happen

Here you will find an easy-to follow guide outlining the steps for becoming a service learning program partner, the form that needs to be completed in order to get the process underway, and tips for finding a faculty partner.

Working with Students

This section contains practical information on student orientation, sample sign-in and tracking sheets, and suggested guidelines for working safely with students.


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