Faculty Guide to Understanding Service Learning Placements

Guide to Community-Based Learning for Faculty & Departments

For our purposes, ‘community’ is defined as a broad scope of nonprofit, education, social service, and government agencies that contribute to the public good. If students are engaged in community-based learning (inclusive of all field, service learning, internship, and applied courses wherein students are engaged in unpaid learning activities off campus as a part of course learning or requirements), please consider the following:

Are students going to one off-campus site on multiple occasions throughout the academic term?                 

If yes: Departments can set up internal processes and documents in accordance with EO 1064 or departments can utilize the partnership and placement system through the Center for Community Engagement.

If no: Please select one of the following:

  • If students are going to multiple sites for short term or one-day service projects, please follow Field Trip Policy. Departments can utilize the Service Learning Academic Field Trip Waiver hosted by the CCE to fulfill the waiver requirement portion of the policy.
  • If students are going to one site but only on a few occasions within a selected time frame, departments can set up internal processes and documents or follow the process for partnerships and placements through the Center for Community Engagement. 

The California State University Office of the Chancellor Executive Order 1064 definition of internship: 

An internship formally integrates the student’s academic study with practical experience in a cooperating organization. It is an off-campus activity designed to serve educational purposes by offering experience in a service learning1, business, non-profit, or government setting. For the purpose of this executive order “internship” does not include teacher preparation placements or clinical placements such as for nursing, counseling, physical therapy or occupational therapy. 

Process for Community Partnerships and Student Placements through the Center for Community Engagement

1.  All partners with whom students are placed must have a current contract (for internships, an Agreement per Executive Order 1064) on file with the Center for Community Engagement.

    a)  A list of our contracted partners may be found here: https://app.calstates4.com/csueastbay/sites/

    b)  If a student would like to be placed with a non-contracted community partner, it can take over a month to have a contract fully executed.  The first step in the process to becoming a contracted community partner is for the community partner to complete the Center for Community Engagement's Community Partner Request to Initiate Partnership Form.

2.  Once students have selected and confirmed placement at a site on our list of contracted partners, they must log their placement in Cal State S4, our web-based system that manages student placements.  Within this placement process, students will complete the Off Campus Learning Waiver.  

3.  Faculty may view and manage placements by  logging into Cal State S4.

At the end of the quarter, students may be asked to evaluate their placement site in an effort to improve the effectiveness of partnerships.






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