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Workshop Title Presenter Materials/Links

Dossier Workshop:
3rd , 4 th , & 5th Year Retention

Eileen Barrett 12-8-06 Dossier Workshop PowerPoint

Range Elevation
Portfolio Workshop

Eileen Barrett Range Elevation PowerPoint

1st and 2nd Year Dossier Workshop

Eileen Barrett Eileen Barrett's
PowerPoint Presentation
Using Open Source Software in Your Classroom

Daniel Martin

PowerPoint Presentation:
Daniel Martin's Presentation

Handling Stress: Staying Healthy

Alan Monat
Bette Felton
Catherine Inouye

PowerPoint Presentation:
Bette Felton's Presentation

Grading Workshop

Li-Ling Chen
Mary D'Alleva
Julie Glass
Bernie Salvador

PowerPoint Presentations:
Li-Ling Chen's Presentation
Mary D'Alleva's Presentation
Julie Glass's Presentation

Making the Most of Classroom Classroom Observations Eileen Barrett

Workshop Handout (Word Doc.)

CENTRA Worksheet
SELDIN Worksheet
University of Texas Worksheet
PORTER Worksheet

University of Texas website:

Preparing a Portfolio for Consideration for Range Elevation
Julie Glass

- Range Elevation PowerPoint Presentation

New Faculty Support Grant Workshop
Vicky Jensen
Dossier Workshop for 1st & 2nd year retention
Eileen Barrett
Julie Glass
Documenting Service Learning Instructional Achievement
Doris Yates Handout: CivicEngagementPTR.doc
Using Blackboard to Increase Student Interaction While Decreasing Faculty Workload Nan Chico

Handout #1: Overview
Handout #2: Thread Rules
(MS Word Files)

Dossier Workshop:
3rd, 4th, and 5th Year Retention
EIieen Barrett

3rd, 4th, and 5th Year Retention
(PowerPoint Presentation)

Writing in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Craig Wilson -Shulman Presentation
(PowerPoint file)
-Shulman Article
(PDF file)
Writing for Publication and a Writing Circle
Brian McKenzie Efficient Scholarly Writing
(PowerPoint file)
Dossier Workshop for 1st & 2nd year retention
Eileen Barrett
Julie Glass
-1st and 2nd Year Retention 
-Dossier Workshop
(PowerPoint files)
Documenting Instructional Excellence
Eileen Barrett
Julie Glass
- Ideas and Evidence for Teaching Portfolios(Barrett)
(PowerPoint file)
- Faculty Inventory
- Questionnaire
- Teaching Portfolio
(MS Word files)
Untenured Faculty Research Panel
C. Inouye
S. Ituarte
B. McKenzie
C. Reed
- McKenzie Abstract  
- Kate Reed Abstract 
(MS Word files)
Career Advice for Students Made Easy, (4/27/04) Susana Moraga - Faculty Guide
(MS Word file)
Enhancing Student Oral Communication Skills
Veronica Martinez - Lab Activities
- Lab Flyer
- Presentation Preparation
(MS Word files)
Handling Stress: Staying Healthy
Bette Felton

- "Planning for Health in Academia"
(PowerPoint file)

Voice Care
(2-16-04, various other dates)
Robert Peppard - Risks for Voice Injury Checklist
(PDF file)
Learning Through Teaching: Studying Your Own Teaching as Research Barbara Storms - Connecting Teaching and Research (PowerPoint file)
- Connecting Teaching and Research Grid (MS Word file)
Facilitation Difficult Dialogs In The Classroom (5-23-00) Gale Young - Difficult Dialogs
(PDF file)
Creating Effective Classroom Groups
Sally Murphy
Jodi Servatius
- Effective Groups
- Group Interaction Feedback
- Group Records
- Group Member Peer Evaluation
(PDF files)

Technology Workshops

Workshop Title Presenter Materials/Links
Saving Time and Effort by Putting the Blackboard ‘Assignments’ Feature to Work for You Jodi Servatius, Richard Cartwright - Blackboard Assignments
(MS PowerPoint File)
Making the Best of Blackboard Tools-Assignments, Gradebook, and Turnitin Bernie Salvador -Making the Best of Blackboard Tools
(MS PowerPoint File)

Blackboard Course Copy (ongoing)

Bernie Salvador

- Course Copy Instructions
(MS Word File)

Blackboard Basics
Bernie Salvador - Blackboard Quick Basics
(MS Word File)
Structuring Your Blackboard Course
Bonnie Correia
Turnitin Basics
Bernie Salvador - First Time User Instructions
(MS Word file)
What is a "Smart" Classroom?
Peggy Lant
Roger Parker
- CSUH Technology Enhanced Classrooms
(PDF file)

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