The retention, tenure, and promotion policy of the University is designed to assure, within the policies of the Trustees of the California State University and the Collective Bargaining Agreement, that (1) excellence in the educational function will be recognized and rewarded, and that (2) the quality of the Faculty of the University will be maintained at the highest possible level.

Retention, tenure, and promotion decisions are based on excellence; they are not automatic. The candidate must clearly satisfy the appropriate criteria. Achievement as it is demonstrated should be appropriately rewarded. Administrative and executive employees shall not acquire tenure or academic rank without prior consultation with the department concerned (see Title 5, Section 42701, Consultative Procedures).

A profile approach shall be used in the evaluation of a candidate for retention, tenure, or promotion. Exceptional ratings on one or more of the criteria may offset minor deficiencies with respect to other criteria. CSU East Bay is a teaching institution, hence instructional achievement will be the foremost criterion at all levels of review.

Retention, tenure, and promotion decisions are separate, and the standards which govern them, while similar, are not identical. A probationary faculty member shall normally be considered for promotion at the same time he or she is considered for tenure. Promotion prior to the attainment of tenure is to be considered only in special circumstances. In no case shall a probationary faculty member be promoted beyond the rank of Associate Professor except when tenure and promotion to Professor are granted simultaneously. When a candidate does not have tenure, a recommendation to promote does not entail an obligation to recommend for tenure; neither does the according of tenure entail an obligation later to recommend for promotion.

The policies, procedures, and criteria described herein, which conform to provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Trustees of The California State University and the California Faculty Association (hereafter abbreviated as "CBA"), the CSU Statement of Collegiality, and to other operative provisions of Title V of the California Administrative Code, Education, shall apply to all recommendations relating to retention, tenure, and promotion. This document, including amendments recommended by the Academic Senate and approved by the President of the University, supersedes all previous University policies on retention, tenure, and promotion. 

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