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13.1. The President shall notify each candidate for retention, tenure, and/or promotion of his or her decision in the case. Such notification shall be in writing and shall include the reasons for the decision. A copy of the President's letter shall be provided to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, the College Dean, the Department Chair, and the Chairs of each of the Promotion and Tenure Committees which made a recommendation in the case.

13.2. Within fifteen (15) calendar days after notification by the President of a negative decision, a candidate denied reappointment as a probationary faculty member, or denied tenure or promotion, may request, in writing, that the President reconsider his or her decision. The request for reconsideration shall be forwarded to the President. In retention cases, a copy shall be sent to the College Dean; and in tenure or promotion cases, a copy shall be sent to the University Committee.  In the event that the President declines to reconsider, or after reconsideration reaffirms his or her original negative decision, the candidate may then exercise his or her rights under the CBA. 

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