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2.1.   First Notification

The Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs will notify faculty of deadline dates for submission of dossiers by the opening day of the Fall Quarter each year.

2.2.   Department Notification

In order to ensure that every new regular faculty member of the University is aware of his or her responsibility for maintaining a dossier for the use of the Department, College, and University in decisions regarding his or her retention, tenure, and promotion, the Department Chair shall, within the first four weeks of the faculty member's initial appointment, bring to the attention of the new faculty member the then-current University documents describing the policies, procedures, and deadline dates governing retention, tenure, and promotion. The Department Chair shall inform the new faculty member of the need to maintain a dossier and the kinds of evidence to be included in it. The Department Chair shall also file a copy of the appropriate policy document in the faculty member's dossier, together with the following statement signed by the new faculty member:

I hereby affirm that my Department Chair has informed me about the Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Policy and Procedures of California State University, East Bay. I understand that I am required to create and maintain a dossier of evidence documenting my instructional and professional achievements and other contributions to the University. I understand further that it is my responsibility to know the provisions governing any instance of retention, tenure or promotion for which I may come under review, and to adhere to stipulated time-tables for such reviews.

2.3.   Mentorship
The Department Chair or Chair Designee shall serve as formal advisor for all faculty eligible for retention, tenure, and/or promotion, discussing the candidate’s progress no later than the end of each academic year. Probationary faculty are urged to seek out mentors within or outside the Department and the assistance of the Faculty Development Center.

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