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8.1. Expectations

The Associate Professor must have completed the Doctorate, or the normal terminal degree, or, in exceptional cases, the equivalent thereof, to be eligible for promotion to Professor. The Associate Professor will typically be a faculty member who has already demonstrated at this University or at another college or university a consistent record of excellent teaching, the ability to make sustained scholarly contributions, a commitment to university service, and a commitment to community service.  Evaluation will be based primarily on a candidate’s achievement since his or her last promotion. The general criterion for this promotional step is, therefore, whether the accomplishments of the Associate Professor are meritorious. Promotion to Full Professor is not automatic.

8.2. Eligibility

An Associate Professor must hold the Doctorate or the normal terminal degree, or, in exceptional cases, the equivalent thereof, to be eligible for promotion to Professor. Tenure must have been awarded either previously or simultaneously before promotion to Professor is possible. If these conditions are met, a person may be considered for promotion to Professor when he or she has served four (4) years as an Associate Professor or met any other criteria established as sufficient under the current CBA.

8.3. Criteria

The candidate's dossier shall contain evidence documenting performance under criteria 8.3.1, 8.3.2, and 8.3.3, and may also contain evidence to substantiate performance under criterion 8.3.4. Highest priority shall be accorded to criterion 8.3.1, followed by 8.3.2. Lower priority shall be accorded to 8.3.3, and lowest priority to 8.3.4.

8.3.1. Instructional Achievement (see Section 4.2). The evidence must demonstrate sustained and superior performance in instruction.

8.3.2. Professional Achievement (see Section 4.3). The evidence must demonstrate a record of sustained professional scholarship or creative achievement within the candidate's field, based primarily on efforts since his or her last promotion.

8.3.3. University Service (see Section 4.4).

8.3.4. Community Service (see Section 4.5).

8.4. Procedures

Evaluation for promotion at this level shall take place according to procedures specified in Sections 3.0, 10.0, 11.0, and 12.0 of this document.

8.5. Early Promotion to Full Professor

8.5.1. Promotion to Professor prior to attaining eligibility is exceptional and is reserved for those individuals who have demonstrated exceptional professional value to the University.

8.5.2. An Associate Professor who wishes to be considered for early promotion must submit to the Department Chair a written letter titled "Request for Consideration for Early Promotion," which will be included in the candidate's WPAF. 

8.5.3. To be considered for promotion under these circumstances, a candidate's dossier must contain evidence of extraordinary achievement or recognition under either the instructional or professional criteria while also satisfying the other criteria appropriate to that promotional level.

8.5.4. The calendar and sequence of evaluation for early promotion to Full Professor will be the same as those for normal promotion to Full Professor.

8.5.5. The Department Committee and the Department Chair, as well as the College Committee and the Dean, must each complete a thorough review of the candidate’s WPAF and must state in their separate letters that the candidate has demonstrated exceptional professional value to the University. 

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