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Welcome to Back to the Bay 2018

Back to the Bay Presenter

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018
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Back to the Bay, CSUEB's annual professional development event, is sponsored by Academic Affairs, Office of Faculty Development/Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching, Office of the Online Campus, and University Extension. Each year since 2003, Back to the Bay brings faculty and staff together to share their expertise and learn from one another and campus experts about topics of interest to faculty in their roles as teachers, advisors, researchers, users of technology, and active participants in the campus community. Back to the Bay features variety of workshops on pedagogy, research, governance, and teaching with technology at our state-of-the-art facility (Valley Business & Technology Center [VBT]).  This year, you'll find workshops on Teaching and Learning, Semester Transformation, Resources and Support for Students, Faculty, and Staff. Please join us at the welcome reception for new faculty at PM in the VBT lobby.

Workshop Room Assignments

Title: I’m Barely Just Hanging In: Who Our Students Are and How to Support Them 
Brief Description: In this interactive presentation, team members for The Pioneers for Hope Learning Framework will: 1) Share findings from our longitudinal, mixed methods study of 53 students and the multiple and complex factors that support or hinder student success; 2) Announce the pilot intervention we are launching in the second year of the project to address some of the challenges students identified; 3) Discuss strategies faculty can use to support students in the classroom based on our data; and 4) Engage faculty in brainstorming about additional ways to reach and teach our students.
Sarah Taylor, Associate Professor, Social Work, and Co-Investigator, Pioneers for HOPE Learning Framework
Ali Jones-Bey, Project Coordinator, Pioneers for HOPE Learning Framework
Ryan Gamba, Assistant Professor, Health Sciences
Nidhi Khosla, Assistant Professor, Health Sciences
Alina Engelman, Assistant Professor, Health Sciences
Joel Bovey, MSW Student Research Assistant
Darice Ingram, HOPE Coordinator 
Edward Inch, Provost and PI, Pioneers for HOPE Learning Framework

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Back to the Bay 2018 Program 

9:00 -9:50 am 

How to Get It Done: Balancing Teaching and Research-VBT 219

Presenters: Derek Kimball, Physics, Brian Perry, Biological Sciences, Lettie Ramirez, Teacher Education, Jeffery Seitz, ORSP, Sarah Taylor, Social Work, Meiling Wu, Modern Languages and Literatures

Learn tips and strategies to successfully balance teaching and active grant and research programs in order to meet the requirements for retention, tenure, and promotion. 

Active Learning in the College of Science-VBT 216

Presenters: Danika LeDuc, College of Science, Julia Olkin, Mathematics 

Experience active learning, watch your peers using active learning strategies in different disciplines, and learn more about the College of Science's Faculty Learning Program.  Faculty from all Colleges invited to attend. 

Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom-VBT 136

Presenters: Ryan Gamba, Health Sciences, Pascale Guiton, Biological Sciences, Meaghan McCollow, Educational Psychology Learn about activities, assignments, and mindsets that further diversity and inclusion in the classroom across the curriculum. Presenters participated in the 2017-18 Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Curriculum Development grant.    

Exploring Blackboard Ultra and Useful Teaching Tools-VBT 137

Presenters: Manpreet Chatha, Derek Yang and Lacey Garza, Online Campus 

Get a taste of Blackboard Ultra--its new look and feel, how to maintain a more familiar feel, basic troubleshooting for your courses, and other new options in this next generation Ultra environment. We will also explore plagiarism prevention and video conferencing tools for a/synchronous delivery of instruction and content. Attendees to this session are eligible for the Online Campus badge program. 

Tools for Successful Academic Advising-VBT 134
Presenter: Lawrence Bliss, Academic Advising and Career Center 

Where do students go for advising? What should you cover in your advising sessions with them? What tools exist to help you with this project? Learn all of this and more at this workshop. You'll walk away with tools and cheat-sheets!    

10:00-10:50 am

Keynote -VBT 124

“I’m Barely Just Hanging In”: Who Our Students Are and How to Support Them

Presenters: Ali Jones-Bey, Project Hope Learning Framework, Alina Engelman, Health Sciences, Ryan Gamba, Health Sciences,  Edward Inch, Academic Affairs, Darice Ingram, Project Hope, Nidhi Khosla, Health Sciences, Sarah Taylor, Social Work

In this interactive presentation, team members for The Pioneers for Hope Learning Framework will: 1) Share findings from our longitudinal, mixed methods study of 53 students and the multiple and complex factors that support or hinder student success; 2) Announce the pilot intervention we are launching in the second year of the project to address some of the challenges students identified; 3) Discuss strategies faculty can use to support students in the classroom based on our data; and 4) Engage faculty in brainstorming about additional ways to reach and teach our students. 

11:00-11:50 am 

Undergraduate Research Experiences (UREs) as a High Impact Practice (HIP): It's Not What You Do, It's How You Do It!-VBT 219
Presenters: Jenny O, Center for Student Research, Vanessa Yingling, Kinesiology 

UREs without best practices in implementation are not "guaranteed" to result in increased student learning and development.  Learn about measurable "engagement indicators" of HIPs (e.g., NSSE, 2017) such as connecting learning to social issues and formative feedback. By implementing quality and consistency in these practices, you may improve the experience and outcomes of undergraduate research. Join us for this highly interactive session about being an effective undergraduate research mentor at Cal State East Bay!

Canceled: It's About Student Learning-VBT 137

Presenters: Maureen Scharberg, Undergraduate Studies, Caron Inouye, General Education 

How do we know if we are fulfilling our promise to students? Let’s look beyond grades and graduation rates at the value of an aligned and integrated examination of student learning in the classroom, within a major, and during their overall University experience. See where your contribution fits in as the campus is heading in a direction to make the “assessment” checkpoints for student learning even more meaningful and relevant at all levels for faculty and students. This panel has been replaced by "It's all about Semesters."

Disengaged or being respectful?: Pacific Islander Cultural Tensions in the Classroom--VBT 134
Presenters: Nancy Martinsen, Academic Resources 

The AANAPISI grant program on campus, Transfer APASS, aspires to increase Pacific Islander (PI) enrollment and retention. This workshop focuses on cultural tensions that PI students experience in the classroom and promotes practices faculty can adopt to better understand and support this community.   

Increasing Student Success by Reducing Textbook Costs/OER-VBT-136

Presenters: John Wenzler, University Libraries, Monica Munoz, Online Campus 

According to the Chronicle for Higher Education, 7 out of 10 students don't purchase their course textbooks/materials because of cost, making traditional texts a barrier to student success. Learn how to search for quality affordable course materials, videos, and textbooks, and about Library support for affordable materials, as well as an overview of free, high quality, engagement tools, and possible 18-19 grant opportunities for faculty! Session attendees are eligible for the Online Campus badge program.

Funded ILO Assessment Opportunities-VBT 216
Presenters: Julie Stein, Academic Programs and Services 

Learn about funded opportunities for collaboration with other faculty and building your assessment skills in rubric development or assignment design. Do any of the Institutional Learning Outcomes of Sustainability, Creativity, Social Justice, Collaboration, and Teamwork, and Leadership interest you? Participating on these projects provides experience, recognition, and an honorarium.  

12: 00-12:50 pm Lunch VBT Lawn

Join us for a BBQ lunch under the tent on the west side of VBT. Vegetarian, Vegan, and GF options available.

 1:00-1:50 pm 

STEM Education Online: Hybrid Courses and Online Labs-VBT 137

Presenters: Meg Taggart & Cheryl Saelee, Online Campus 

Tour the expanding world of online STEM education: online science labs, program strategies, instructional strategies, and resources for online STEM instruction. Learn to build interactive learning objects into your online and hybrid STEM courses. Session attendees are eligible for the Online Campus badge program.

Deepening Student Learning through Internships & Service Learning-VBT 134
Presenters: Mary D'Alleva and Mariaelena Marcano, Center for Community Engagement

Quality internships and service learning experiences deepen student learning and engagement. The Office of Internships and the Center for Community Engagement will provide an overview of how we support these efforts across campus. Join us to explore the pedagogy and discover resources.

Integrating Diversity & Sustainability into Courses-VBT 216
Presenters: Jillian Buckholz, Office of Sustainability, Jessika Murphy Diversity and Inclusion Student Center

During this session, Faculty will learn of the many programs offered by The Diversity & Inclusion Student Center (DISC) and the Office of Sustainability and how to incorporate these services into the classroom.

 Library Lightning Round- VBT 136:

SCAA and Academic Support in Your Classroom
Presenters: Jennifer Nguyen
Learn about the wide array of academic support systems provided by the Student Center for Academic Achievement (SCAA) -- tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, embedded workshops, Writing Associates and more -- that faculty members can leverage in their classroom.

University Library Transitions and Conversions: new and updated features!
Presenter: Andrew Carlos  & Lee Adams, University Library
Learn about the changes and transitions University Libraries have made to support Semesters: Database and online journal changes, instructional changes, service changes, new opportunities to provide feedback and more! 

Stories for Inclusive Classrooms: Lessons from the Accessibility!-VBT 219
Presenters: Katie Brown, Jaski Kohli, Accessibility Services 

Learn 'dos' and 'don'ts' from Accessibility Services. We'll cover students with service animals, autism, academic or furniture accommodations, challenging classroom behaviors, and more. Learn how to ensure all your course materials are universally designed and inclusive of all students learning styles.

 2:00-2:50 pm 

Lightning Round: Crafting Clear Assignments-VBT 136

Transparent Assignments: Adding Value to Our Teaching and Student Learning
Presenters: Elizabeth "Missy" Wright, Kinesiology, Sanjay Marwah, Criminal Justice, Marina Sapozhnikov, English 
In this hands on workshop, review key organizing principles of transparent assignments, and explore the research and evidence on the practice and its connection to greater student learning.

Fine-Tuning Writing and Research Assignments Across Disciplines for Deeper Student Engagement
Presenters: Stephanie Alexander, Library, Mary D'Alleva, English, Center for Community Engagement, Sharon Radcliff, Library,  
Are you looking for some easy to implement ideas and strategies to fine-tune a writing or research assignment to more clearly connect with course learning? We will share practical approaches to engage writing and research in any discipline or genre.  Written communication and information literacy assignment guides provided!

 Lightning Round: Techniques for Student Engagement and Learning-VBT 216

Learning through letter writing
Presenter: Nidhi Khosla, Health Sciences 
Learn how a letter to a friend assignment or activity helps students capture and synthesize their learning. Do this more than once in a semester and students can build on previous letters. There are endless variations--the point is students are writing!

Role Play Activities in the Classroom
Presenters: Anna Alexander, History, Danvy Le, Political Science 
Increase student engagement with role-playing and classroom simulations. Let's share and brainstorm ideas and discuss how to evaluate student performance and align role-immersion games with communication and collaboration ILOs.

Focus on Our First-Generation Students -VBT 219
Presenter: Michelle Rippy  

First-generation students account for over 60% of our student population yet graduate at a significantly lower rate than their non-first-generation classmates.  Join us to explore how we can assist the first-gen population with a student and faculty panel. 

Foundations of Success for Our First-year Communities-VBT 134
Presenters: Caron Inouye. General Education, Anyania Muse, Sankofa 

Learn asset-based approaches to teaching and learning in first-year cohorts from faculty and students share about the value and meaning of community, support networks, and their first-year experience at CSUEB.  

Student Perspectives on Blackboard-VBT 137

Presenters: Roger Wen and Cheryl Saelee 

Come hear directly from the students about what works for them in Blackboard and what can make things more difficult. Then see what Blackboard looks like from the student perspective, both from a desktop and mobile view. There will be time for questions and answers. Session attendees are eligible for the Online Campus badge program.

 3:00-3:50 pm 

How to Get Approval for New Curriculum in Semesters-VBT 216

Presenter: Sarah Aubert, Academic Programs and Services

Learn how to submit proposals that do not get sent back! We'll review the proposal, revision, and consultation phases and procedures of the updated curriculum approval process.  Attendees are invited to make an appointment for one-on-one consultation!

 Quality Assurance at East Bay and the CSU:  Quality Matters, Best Practices and Student Learning-VBT 137

Presenters: Shirley Yap, Mathematics, Erick Kong, Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism

Come to learn the results of data analysis done on 4453 CSUEB online courses taught right here at East Bay from 2014-2017 and throughout the 23 campuses and the impact that professional development has had on online teaching. Session attendees are eligible for the Online Campus badge program. 

Greet the New! Office of Diversity and Student Affairs-VBT 219

Presenters: Kimberly Baker-Flowers, Office of Diversity, Suzanne Espinoza, Student Affairs

 Meet and welcome the new University Diversity Officer, Kimberly Baker-Flowers, and the new Vice President, Student Affairs, Suzanne Espinoza.

Let's Communicate! Meet the Ombuds!-VBT 136
Presenter: Silvina Ituarte, Ombuds

 The University Ombuds serves as an informal and confidential resource for all university employees.  Come meet the Ombuds, share ideas, and hear some tips for improving communication with our colleagues.   

 Innovation at East Bay: Faculty Innovation and Leadership Award 2018 Nominees-VBT 134

Presenters: Duke Austin, Sociology and Social Services, Erik Helgren, Physics, Sweety Law, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

 Learn about creative teaching ideas and strategies from faculty under consideration for the Chancellor's Office Faculty Innovation and Leadership Award.

 4:00-5:00 pm Welcome Reception, VBT Lobby

New Faculty Welcome Reception:  Join us to welcome new faculty and honor those faculty whose online courses have been certified as quality courses by Quality Matters. Everyone welcome!

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