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For Parents

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships is committed to helping your son or daughter to be able to attend Cal State East Bay. Some families are able to afford our yearly expenses without financial assistance, but most of our students apply for and receive financial aid. If you have not yet applied for financial aid, file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA.

Important New Information and Announcements

New State University Grant Policy

Beginning in Fall 2013, Cal State East Bay and all other CSU campuses will limit students; State University Grant (SUG) eligibility to a specific number of completed course units. In addition, only fulltime students may receive this grant. To receive SUG, fulltime students must meet the following criteria each quarter:

  • Undergraduate students must have completed less than 225 quarter units
  • Undergraduate transfer students must have completed less than 113 quarter units
  • Single and Multiple Subject Credential students must have completed an amount of units less that the number required for their credential. For example, a student enrolled in a 45-unit credential program may only receive SUG for up to 45 completed units
  • Master's degree students must have completed less that 125% of their required program units
  • Students pursuing second degrees or credentials may not receive SUG

Certain units, including advanced placement, international baccalaureate, military credit, and pre-baccalaureate credit and credit by examination will not count against these new SUG limits.

Pell Grant Lifetime Eligibility Limit

A recent Federal Regulation limits the number of years a student may receive a Pell Grant to the equivalent of six years of fulltime enrollment. To view the amount of Pell eligibility that has been used, students may access the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) at: You must use your Federal PIN to access this web site.

PLUS Loan for Parents of Undergraduate Students

If your student's Financial Aid Award reflects a Parent PLUS Loan, and you wish to borrow, you should take the steps below.

Estimated Awards can not be accepted, but these steps can be completed after the date indicated below. When your student's Estimated Award is converted to an award that can be accepted, your student will receive an e-mail via her/his campus Horizon e-mail.

  • After July 1, 2016, visit the Federal Student Loans web site:
  • Use your FSA ID to sign in
  • Complete the PLUS Loan Process (apply for the PLUS Loan & sign a PLUS Master Promissory Note)

The Financial Aid Office will set your student's Parent PLUS Loan to accepted status when your student's Financial Aid Award is ready to accept and Federal Student Aid notifies us that you have completed the above process.

Frequently Asked Questions

The interest rate for the 2016 - 2017 aid year is available at:

The Parent PLUS Loan requires a consumer credit check that expires in 180 days. If you apply before July 1, 2016, your credit check may expire before we certify your Parent PLUS Loan. If your credit check expires, we will ask you to reapply for your PLUS Loan.

Provide us with documentation from the bankruptcy court stating that as a condition of your bankruptcy, you may not incur additional debt.

Your undergraduate student can request additional loan funds (maximum $4,000 for freshmen and sophomores, $5,000 for juniors and seniors) the additional loan is available to your student only if your PLUS Loan is denied due to an adverse credit check. If you are denied a PLUS Loan, you may indicate you want your student to receive additional Unsubsidized Direct Loan.

If you can't apply for a PLUS because you are not a citizen or permanent resident with a Social Security number, please submit a written statement to the Financial Aid office explaining your status. The address is:

Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
California State University, East Bay
25800 Carlos Bee Blvd.
Hayward, CA 94542

Visit this Federal Loan web site to learn more about Parent PLUS Loans:

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