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Special Programs

Students participating in special programs at Cal State East Bay are subject to different rules for their financial aid. Study Abroad students and National Student Exchange participants may receive financial aid by contacting the International Programs office. Students who are visitors, dual matriculation students, and students wishing to use consortium agreements are not eligible to receive financial aid from Cal State East Bay.

Study Abroad Programs

Students participating in Cal State East Bay sponsored Study Abroad Programs may receive financial aid to offset these educational expenses. National Student Exchange (NSE) students may also receive financial aid. Please contact the Study Abroad/ International Programs Office, WA-849 for complete details on these programs.


Students admitted to other campuses and attending Cal State East Bay classes are not eligible to receive financial aid from Cal State East Bay. Visiting students should apply for aid through their home campuses. Cal State East Bay will help visiting students coordinate financial aid disbursements and enrollment verifications. For more information on Visitor status, see the University catalog.

Dual Matriculation

Students attending two or more schools at the same time MAY NOT receive financial aid from more than one of their schools. You must notify the Office of Financial Aid when you enroll at another institution.

Consortium Agreements

The Office of Financial Aid does not participate in Consortium Agreements. This means students may not combine units taken at another college with units taken here to receive financial aid from Cal State East Bay or from another college.

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