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Pioneer Scholarships Frequently Asked Questions

Sign in to our Pioneer Scholarships online system and complete the General Application. From there, you will be automatically matched and recommended to scholarship opportunities for which you qualify.

To apply for a specific opportunity (after your General Application is completed), locate the scholarship opportunity by searching for the scholarship on the "Ours" or "Recommended" Opportunities page and click on the Apply button.

Yes. You may continue to edit your General Application, including the four essay questions, up to the end date of any opportunity. We will not view or consider your application until after the deadline.

You can see this information by clicking on the References button. Here you can monitor whether or not a requested reference has been submitted yet and/or resend a request to a reference.

No. All applications remain open throughout the awarding academic year, should additional funding or scholarships become available. Therefore, you will not receive a rejection letter.

No. Recommendations provided via the Pioneer Scholarships email request system are confidential and are read by the review committee only.

For most CSUEB scholarships, which have an application close date of 4/13/18, award winners will be notified via their Horizon email account, in the Spring 2018 quarter and awarded (monies disbursed) in the Fall 2018 semester.

Yes, students have to be currently enrolled, and usually full-time, during the semester in which they are receiving the award. Student Finance determines this (and other post-award criteria) at time of disbursement.

As long as the criteria do not specify U.S. citizenship as a requirement, you may apply for scholarships. However, please be aware that as an international student, you may be required to pay U.S. taxes on scholarships received. Therefore, if you do win a scholarship award, you will be required to sign up with Arctic International/Glacier to determine if you are required to pay taxes. After completing all required forms, you will submit them to the Payroll Dept. in Student Services and Administration Building (SA) 2600 for processing of the scholarship award. This process can take 5-10 business days.

No, University Extension students are not eligible for Cal State East Bay scholarships. Only matriculated undergraduate and graduate students may apply.

A new feature to the Pioneer Scholarships portal is a listing of External Opportunities: scholarships offered by companies and organizations outside of Cal State East Bay. These are opportunities we become aware of through direct marketing from the scholarship providers, requesting we post them for students. You apply directly with the scholarship provider, by clicking on the "Visit" link. CSUEB does not sponsor these scholarships, but does provide the information as a courtesy to our students.

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