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Loans for Educators

The following loans are for students pursuing teaching credentials, or careers as college faculty.

APLE or Assumption Program of Loans for Education*

APLE repays a maximum of $8,000 in Federal Loans for selected students holding a California Teaching Credential and teaching in a public K-12 school system. Students apply for APLE prior to entering the Cal State Hayward Teacher Credential Program.

Graduate APLE*

Graduate APLE or Graduate Assumption Program of Loans for Education assumes a maximum of $6,000 in educational loans for graduate students who become college-level faculty. Graduate APLE applications are available from the Graduate Programs Office, Warren Hall Room 891 on the Hayward Campus. The priority date for the application is June 30 each year.

* Effective with the 2012-2013 financial aid award year, no new APLE awards will be made to undergraduate or graduate students.

Higher Education Amendment of 1998

The Higher Education Amendment of 1998 was established as a Teacher Service Forgiveness program for new Stafford borrowers with no outstanding loan balance on October 7, 1998. For more information, contact your lender or review the Cancellation or Deferment Options for Teachers on the Federal Student Aid Website

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