GPA Review


We strongly advise that you start thinking about your gpa so far. To determine your current GPA, visit MyCSUEB Student Center and run an unofficial transcript report.  

If your gpa is between a 1.5 and a 2.0 - you are on probation and need to think about what classes you will be taking in the Winter Quarter. Grades will not be official for Fall until December 23rd, so at that point you should review your grades and see an advisor to help you adjust your Winter schedule if needed.

Please note that you cannot academically renew a class that you failed at a community college. You must have taken the class at CSUEB.

If your gpa is below a 1.5 you would be in the "dismissal" category. We do not dismiss freshman until the end of Spring Quarter. Which means that you have two more quarters to bring your gpa up to a 1.5 or higher. You should see an advisor to know your options and to get back on track. .  

The last day to withdraw from Fall classes is November 12th

Financial Aid

Students who are on financial aid need to have a completion rate of 67% . If the completion rate is below 67% for Fall the student will be placed on financial aid probation. You will need to bring up your gpa by the end of Winter or you could be on financial aid disqualifcation. The student would have to appeal to the Financial Aid office to get their aid back for the Spring. The student also needs to maintain a gpa of at least a 1.5 overall (Fall, Winter and Spring).

To figure out your complete rate, you take the number of classes completed divided by number of classes attempted. for each quarter (Fall and Winter)

2015-16 FAFSA opened on Jan. 1, 2015. If you have not done your FAFSA for next year, you need to do it ASAP or you will not get your Fall aid on time. The deadline is March 2nd to make sure that you get your aid on time for Fall 2015.


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