Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What courses will I take next year?

You will take courses in the GE areas that you did not complete in your freshman year. Example: If you take Gender in the Arts, an Area C cluster this year, you would take courses in Areas B and D.

What is the difference between Comm 1000 and Comm 1004?

Comm 1000 is the preferred (by companies) speech class (oral). Comm 1004 is preferred for Nursing students (interpersonal).

What math do I take for my major?

You need to check the catalog to see what your major requires.

Can I take classes in my major?

Yes, you can take courses in your major before you finish your lower division GE requirements. Remember, however, that courses with your major department's prefix will NOT count for GE credit unless the course is part of your freshman learning community (cluster).

Is there any way to get out of GE clusters?

No, freshmen clusters are required. But if you are unhappy with the cluster you are in right now, you can switch to a different cluster, space permitting.

What is the difference between Library 1551 and Library 1210?

Both courses meet the Information Literacy graduation requirement by equipping students with concepts about information and lifelong learning, and skills to access and use information in the university and daily life. This video ( gives you an overview of LIBY 1210.

The differences are:
1. LIBY 1210 is for first year students and is graded A-F.
2. LIBY 1551 is for students beyond their first year and is graded Credit/NoCredit.

For more information, please contact the Library Instruction Coordinator, Tom Bickley via"

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