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GE for Faculty

GE, Overlay, and Code (GEOC) Course Approvals

All GEOC course approval requests should be completed, launched, and tracked via Curriculog. You do not need he download a separate, fillable PDF course approval form. All GEOC course approval forms are now integrated in the Curriculog forms and completed exclusively online through Curriculog.

The Curriculog New Proposal forms (one for each GE area and each Overlay) are used to:

  • Propose a new* GEOC course
  • Revise an existing GEOC course
  • Request to add a GEOC certification to an existing course
  • Re-certify an existing GEOC course

* In the world of GEOC, a new course is a new or existing course not currently certified for GE, Overlay, or Code.


All course proposal requests that do not reach APS by October 15 must be resubmitted using the appropriate Curriculog form for the next catalog year.  

Contact Cierra Fabrigas in the Office of General Education if you have any questions.  

Guide to GEOC Course Approvals

A Faculty Guide to GEOC Course Approvals can be downloaded here. This resource is intended to help CSUEB faculty develop and submit course approval requests via Curriculog to the Office of General Education and GEOC Subcommittee of CIC for their reviews of new GEOC courses, revisions to existing GEOC courses, or existing GEOC courses up for recertification.

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