Cultural Groups/Women Requirement

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A minimum of 3 quarter units of coursework must recognize the contributions to American civilization and knowledge that members of various cultural groups and women have made. The purpose of this requirement is to provide you with an introduction to the research, literature, and methodologies of the disciplines of ethnic studies and gender/women's studies from historical, cultural, social, and economic perspectives. Courses are taught by faculty committed to the four competencies listed below and are designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the contributions to U.S. society made by cultural groups [African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino(a) Americans, Native Americans] women, and gays/lesbians (hereafter referred to as "groups").

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of your Cultural Groups/Women requirement, you should have developed the following competencies:

  1. knowledge of, and respect for, one or more of the groups and their contributions to U.S. society, including, but not limited to, three or more of the following aspects-historical, linguistic, cultural, economic, political, literary;
  2. ability to analyze critically the relationships between the groups and the dominant society, between the groups themselves, and between members of the same group;
  3. working knowledge of the groups' histories and contemporary experiences as subjects (as opposed to objects or victims) and of their voices and expressions, including, but not limited to, oral traditions, writings, and art forms;
  4. comprehension of the origins and functions of discrimination, exploitation, and oppression of the groups, both historically and in the present, and ability to identify various patterns of discrimination.
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