General Education Requirements

for Native students with a GE catalog of 2004-2017

Cal State East Bay wants you to be a truly educated individual. CSUEB accomplishes this goal by requiring you to complete the following areas: General Education Breadth Requirements (72 units) and Major requirements.

Important note: No course can be used for GE if it has the prefix of the students' major department, unless it is certified; or used to satisfy Areas A, B4, or Area C for MLL courses in a language other than that of a students major.

Students must also complete Basic Subject courses which include: Area A; Area B4; Area G; Area F; the Code requirement and a Cultural Groups/Women's requirement.

Lower division:

Upper division: taken when you have 90 quarter units (junior standing):

  • Area B6 - Upper Division - Science
  • Area C4 - Upper Division - Humanities
  • Area D4 - Upper Division - Social Science

Additional GE Requirements:

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