Area A

Area A - Communication in English Language/Basic Subjects (12 units minimum) - These courses develop an effective understanding and use of written and spoken forms of communication to encourage critical thoughts and expression. Students are encouraged to have Area A completed before reaching the second year. Courses in Area A1 and A2 are linked to the appropriate discipline course.

NOTE: A complete list of available Area A classes can be found when you log in to your MyCSUEB. Go to "Student Center" and then click "Search for Classes." In order to view all approved classes, scroll down to "Additional Search Criteria" and select "General Education Pattern" as the Course Attribute. You may narrow your search further by selecting "GE A1," "GE A2," GE A3" or "GE A4" as the Course Attribute Value.

A1 - Oral Communication (4 unit minimum):

  • Communication: 1000, 1004, 4183, 4350

A2 - Written Communication (4 unit minimum):

  • English: 1001

*You must meet the EPT requirements to enroll.

For remedial breakdown click here.

NOTE: English 1001 must be passed with a C- (CR) or better to satisfy GE Area A2.

A3 - Critical Thinking (4 unit minimum):

  • Philosophy: 1000, 1001, 3010 (effective S02)
  • Psychology: 1100

Second Composition Course Requirement

English 1002 is also a graduation requirement. The recommendation for student is that they take English 1002 before taking the University Writing Skills Test (WST).

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