General Education Requirements

for Native students with a GE catalog of 1998-2004

Cal State East Bay wants you to be a truly educated individual. CSUEB accomplishes this goal by requiring you to complete the following areas: General Education Breadth Requirements (72 units) and Major requirements.

For your convenience we have bolded or highlighted any course that will be offered in the current quarter. These classes will change quarter to quarter. We hope that you find this service useful when looking for courses to fulfill your GE requirements.

Important note: No course can be used for GE if it has the prefix of the students' major department, unless it is certified; or used to satisfy Areas A, B4, or Area C for MLL courses in a language other than that of a students major.

Students must also complete Basic Subject courses which include: Area A; Area B4; Area G; Area F; the Code requirement and a Cultural Groups/Women's requirement.

Lower division:

Upper division: taken when you have 90 quarter units (junior standing):

  • Area C4 - Upper Division - Humanities
  • Area D4 - Upper Division - Social Science
  • Area E - Upper Division - Capstone
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