Remediation Forms and Options

Please read the directions below to fill out remediation forms. Please note you must have your Horizon Net ID and password ready. If you have not yet activated your horizon account you must do that first. We are no longer accepting paper petitions; all petitions must be turned in online.

First Failure of a Remedial Course

There is no penalty for the first failure in a remedial class; the student may continue taking classes at CSUEB.

Second Failure

If the student fails the same class a second time, there are three options:

  1. Petition to the General Education Program - To petition you need to fill out the "Petition to Resume Registration". You need to explain in your own words why you failed the remedial course the first two times and how you are going to pass on the third attempt. Describe how you will get help to pass the course (working with a tutor, going to the Student Center for Academic Achievement and meeting with your advisor). If you feel that support letters would be helpful, then you may supply those as well. The petition will be reviewed and the student will usually be notified within 72 hours through their horizon account. During peak times such as registration periods response times may vary.
  2. Go through Open University - (if eligible)- If you petitioned and were denied or you don't want to petition, you can go through Open University. Open University allows you to stay on campus, but you are not considered a matriculated (regular) student. Fees for Open University are $265.00 per unit with most of our classes being 4 units. As an Open University student, you will usually get last priority for enrolling in classes and if a class is full you may not be able to add. You will need to apply for Open University during the first 5 days of the quarter and will not be able to add until the 7th day of the quarter.
  3. Go to a community college -If you petitioned and were denied or you don't want to petition, then you can go to a community college and finish your remediation. Since remedial classes do not transfer (students will get the units, but not the credit), you must bring a copy of your transcripts to the General Education Program to clear your remediation hold. You may be required to complete college-level composition or mathematics before being readmitted.

Failure of Two Remedial Courses in a Row

  1. To petition due to failing the same remedial course twice, after you have reviewed the criteria, please click on this link Petition to Resume Registration to bring up the form and follow the instructions.
  2. You will be notified by email through your horizon account, if the petition has been approved or denied. Please note that during busy times it may take 24-48 hours to respond to your petition. During campus holidays, petitions will be reviewed by staff when they return.
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