Remedial Information

California State University Policy

The California State University system's remediation policy states that beginning Fall Quarter, 1998, all new first-time freshmen must take the English Placement Test (EPT) and the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) test prior to their first quarter of attendance. If the score is below a 147 on the EPT and/or below a 550 (1998-Winter 2002) or 50 (starting in Spring 2002) on the ELM, the student is required to enroll in the appropriate remedial coursework in the first quarter and every quarter of enrollment thereafter (including summer) until prepared for baccalaureate-level English and/or Mathematics courses. Students are allowed only one repeat of each remedial course they are required to take.

California State University, East Bay's Policy

The policy at CSU East Bay is that students are given two quarters to pass each required remedial class. Students must be enrolled in their remedial course every quarter they are at CSUEB until they have completed all remedial work.

Students are not allowed to be enrolled simultaneously at CSUEB and at a community college for their remedial work. If you are enrolled at CSUEB, you must be enrolled in CSUEB remedial classes.

Students who cannot complete their remediation in two quarters have three options.

Students are not allowed to drop a remedial course, unless they are withdrawing from the University. If this is the case, the student would then come to the General Education Program office to get the form signed and stamped. The withdrawal form must be accompanied by documentation. The form will NOT be stamped without proper documentation.

Students are allowed to retake the ELM and EPT. If the student feels that the score does not show his or her true ability, this may be discussed with Dr. Margaret Rustick, in the English Department (510) 885-3216, or with Dr.Julie Glass, in the Mathematics/Computer Science Department (510) 885.2159 The General Education Program cannot adjust the student's placement in the remedial sequence nor approve the student going straight into college level work.

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