Endowment Gifts

Endowment gifts from alumni and friends provide a permanent investment in Cal State East Bay’s future. An endowment sustains academic excellence by ensuring a continuous source of funding for hands-on learning, new laboratories, merit scholarships, and faculty research. From major gifts that recruit prestigious scholars to targeted gifts that support an annual student prize in a specialized field, each endowment fund enriches the campus.

When endowment gifts are received, the principal is held in perpetuity, with part of the annual earnings generating ongoing support for activities designated by the donor. Although state appropriations, tuition levels, and fundraising revenue might fluctuate annually, the stability of an endowment encourages strategic planning and program expansion.

Cal State East Bay’s combined endowment pool has experienced growth due to careful management of assets and the increasing generosity of donors. Prudent investment policies balance stocks and bonds for asset diversity to maintain purchasing power over time and overcome inflation in higher education costs.

Named funds not only make a lasting impact at Cal State East Bay, but also offer the opportunity to honor your family’s commitment to the University or pay tribute to a loved one. Endowments can be established through contributions of cash, stock, real estate, charitable remainder trusts, or bequests. Pledged payments on an endowment normally over a period of years, are welcome.

University endowments and the minimum amount required to establish and name each type of endowment, include but are not limited to, the following:

Endowments for Faculty Excellence

Faculty Excellence Endowments comprise two categories: Faculty Honors and Faculty Support Funds.

Endowed Faculty Honors

Distinguished Chair $1,000,000
Distinguished Professorship $750,000
Chair $500,000
Professorship $250,000

A Distinguished Chair, Distinguished Professorship, Chair, or Professorship can be awarded to faculty members who have distinguished themselves by their contributions in teaching, scholarship, and service in a field designated by the endowment donor. These honors provide support for the recruitment and retention of outstanding teachers and scholars. Their prestige brings recognition both to the donor, for whom the honor may be named, and to the professor, whose stature attracts exceptional students who will be tomorrow’s scholars and professional leaders. Endowment earnings provide supplements to basic faculty salary and to departmental program funds.

Faculty Fellowship $100,000

Faculty Fellowships enable the University to recruit and retain highly productive teachers and researchers. Fellowships provide additional funding for a faculty member to use toward program needs.

Distinguished Visiting Scholar $100,000

A visiting scholars or professionals program brings prominent individuals to campus to mentor faculty or students or, subject to contractual obligations of the University, to give one or more lectures. Their presence enriches the academic program.

Outstanding Faculty Awards $10,000

Endowments whose income will support faculty awards for excellence in teaching, research, and service.

Endowed Faculty Support Funds

Distinguished Lectureship or Lecture Series $25,000

A Distinguished Lectureship or Lecture Series supports the expenses associated with bringing guest speakers to campus to speak or conduct special seminars and colloquia. Income can also be used to support faculty exchange programs. Income from the endowment is typically used to defray travel costs and honoraria.

Research Fund $50,000

An endowed Research Fund offers supplemental funding for the most promising research projects in a selected college, department, center or program. Endowed research funds strengthen the University's ability to conduct important research in a variety of fields. Payouts may be used to hire graduate research assistants.

Emerging Scholars Fund $100,000

Income from these endowed funds will provide newly recruited faculty with "startup funds" to allow them to pursue scholarly activities during their early career with the University. Such funds help the University attract top scholars to its teaching ranks.

Endowments for University Excellence and Academic Enrichment

University Excellence Endowments

Named Deanship $ 500,000

A dean's endowment provides funds in support of a college, the library, or the Concord campus. In this instance, the donor designates that the dean holds the honor and utilizes the endowment income at his or her discretion to advance the campus unit involved.

President's Endowment $50,000

Income from a President's Endowment is unrestricted and will be allocated at the direction of the President for University activities that meet the University Mission, or strengthen the University or encourage excellence and innovation at the University.

College, Department or Program Endowment $25,000

These endowments support particular units of the University, enabling them to meet the most pressing needs and capitalize on opportunities as they arise. Examples include endowments supporting equipment acquisitions, new technology, guest lecturers, etc., as well as unrestricted endowments.

Library Endowments $25,000

Endowment funds supporting general or special collections, equipment and technology acquisitions, resource training, etc. will meet the special needs of the Library.

Endowments for Student Excellence

Scholarships transform lives, helping the University assure access and opportunity for our students and contribute to a diverse and well-educated community. Each year, many deserving students receive financial support to pursue their University studies but increasing tuition fees and other educational costs expand the need. CSUEB seeks to increase the number of merit-based awards for top achieving students and need-based awards for newly-admitted and continuing students when federal and state grants fall short of demonstrated need. The following named endowments supplement other general University endowment funds with the same purpose, which have been established to accept gifts in amounts less than the minimums indicated below.

University-wide Endowments

Presidential Scholarship Endowment $150,000

Income will be used to make merit-based four-year awards for the most academically accomplished high school seniors. The University's highest honor for entering freshmen, the Presidential Scholarship, rewards significant scholastic achievement. An increased number of Presidential Scholarships will enhance the University’s competitiveness in attracting students who demonstrate high academic promise and whose presence in the student body will enrich academic discourse.

University Scholarships $75,000

Income will be used for unrestricted one-year awards based on merit and/or need for incoming and continuing students. The University wants to ensure that there is a place for every student qualified to attend California State University, East Bay.

University Incentive Awards $50,000

Income will provide financial aid to students who have overcome cultural obstacles or other disadvantages to become qualified for admission to the University or who are "at risk" to remain due to special circumstances unrelated to academic promise or commitment.

College, Department, and Program Endowments

Graduate Student Fellowships $100,000
Undergraduate Scholarships $25,000

Income will provide one-year awards based on merit, need, or a combination of both. These awards are given to entering or continuing students with declared majors or to participants in an academic enrichment, intercollegiate athletics, or community service program.

Travel and Internship Funds $25,000

Income will enable students to study off-campus, both in the United States and internationally. Such awards can also cover travel costs to enable students to attend academic and professional conferences.

Award Fund $10,000

Income will provide awards for student academic achievement.

To discuss endowment funds, please contact Kathleen Brady, Associate Vice President for Development at 510-885-3183 or email at kathleen.brady@csueastbay.edu.

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