Planned Giving Questions and Answers

What is Cal State East Bay’s tax ID number?

94-6128893 is the tax ID number for the Cal State East Bay Educational Foundation. The Cal State East Bay Educational Foundation qualifies as a public charitable organization and meets the requirements of Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (3). Gifts to Cal State East Bay are deductible according to the limits set for federal income or estate taxes. Review Cal State East Bay Educational Foundation documents.

If Cal State East Bay is named in my will, do I need to notify anyone?

You are not required to tell Cal State East Bay about your intent to leave a bequest. However, it is helpful for the university’s planning purposes to be aware of future gifts. The Office of Planned Gifts can be your resource to ensure a bequest gift is worded to be most useful in the future. You may also be interested to know about our Heritage Society which honors the bequest commitments made by generous members of the Cal State East Bay family just like you.

After I have included Cal State East Bay in my will, can I change it?

Absolutely. A bequest intention is considered a “revocable gift,” meaning it can be modified as often as you wish to suit your circumstances and charitable priorities.

After I establish a charitable remainder trust, can I change it?

A trust is a separate, legal entity that is “irrevocable,” meaning that in exchange for the income and tax benefits, you relinquish control over the funds. As such, the terms of the trust cannot be changed after it is established. However, additional gifts can be used to easily create a new trust under different terms.

Do I decide how my gift will be used?

As with every gift made to Cal State East Bay, it is you, the donor, who decides how it will be put to use. You are able to designate your gift to support any College, department or program of the university; student scholarships; faculty support; or anything else you are passionate about at Cal State East Bay. We can assist you in ensuring that your specific interests are carried out. You are also able to allow your gift to support Cal State East Bay’s emerging opportunities and special needs.

Can Cal State East Bay give me tax advice?

Cal State East Bay’s Office of Planned Gifts is always willing to provide you information about the various gift vehicles that may be appropriate for you. However, that should never be construed as specific legal or tax advice. We recommend that you have your own advisors, who know your circumstances, help you throughout the process. Cal State East Bay’s staff can work directly with your advisors, if you prefer.

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