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What is Google Apps?

Google Apps is a hosted integrated communication and collaboration solution that includes:

Email storage and search tools that help you find information fast and perform instant messaging from right inside your accounts using Google Talk. 
Google Calendar:
Organize your schedules and share events and calendars with others. 
Google Talk:
Send instant messages to your contacts for free anytime, anywhere in the world. 
Google Docs:
Share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Collaborate in real-time with your team or with the entire University.
Google Sites:
Work together to keep related documents, web content and other information in one place, on one site.

What is the uptime for the Google Apps? 

Google Apps are guaranteed to be available at least 99.9% of the time, ensuring that users have access when they need it.

How secure is Google Apps?

  1. Google's business is based on providing highly secure services.  Google provides encrypted connections when logged into the Web, with IMAP and using the Google Outlook Connector.
  2. Under the CSU Master Agreement, Google must protect all confidential information in the same manner it protects its own. In addition Google must comply with all laws and regulations. This includes FERPA and HIPAA.
  3. No ads will appear in Google Apps.


How do I report Spam and Phishing

If you think you are receiving an e-mail that is SPAM or phishing, please log on to Google site for instructions on reporting to Google.

What is my username if I use Outlook, Entourage or a Mobile Phone or other non-supported clients?

It will be your full email address:

How much storage space do I have with GMail?

Each user has over 7GB of storage

Where can I find additional information on GMail?

You can find additional information on the Google Support site for GMail.

Will GMail work with Outlook?

Yes, with Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer; GMail will work with Outlook. However, the full benefits are achieved using Google Apps on the Web.

Will GMail work with Entourage?

Yes, GMail has the capability to sync with Entourage e-mail via IMAP. Entourage Calendar and Contacts however, will not sync with GMail. You can still use the Web version to manage your calendar and contacts.

Will GMail work with other mail clients?

Yes, users can opt to use any IMAP capable email client, but only Outlook and Entourage will be supported by Cal State East Bay. However, the full benefits are achieved using Google Apps on the Web.

Do I still have to follow the e-mail retention policy?

Yes, the University's e-mail retention policy will still be in place for GMail. Any e-mail messages that are more than 120 days old will be deleted.

What is happening to e-mail lists?

Email lists will remain the same. The University maintains a separate application to support email lists and that application will continue.

Will there be ads on my e-mail?

No, there will not be any ads on GMail. 

Will spam be filtered?

Yes, the University will use both the standard and enhanced security options provided by Google to minimize any spam being delivered to your mailbox.

Can I archive my e-mail to a personal folder on my computer?

Yes, email can be archived using Microsoft Outlook for PCs or Entourage for Macs. 

Can I forward my GMail account to my personal email account?

Yes, you will still have the option to forward your email.

What is the largest file size that I can send with GMail?

The maximum attachment size is 25 MB.

Can I make my assistant a delegate with GMail? 

Yes, you will be able to delegate email privileges.

Can I check my GMail from my home computer?

Yes, GMail is a Web-based service and accessible from anywhere there is Internet access.

Do I need a new password for my GMail account? 

You will log into the GMail on the Web using your NetID and password.

Will I be able to check my mail from my PDA/iPhone? 

Yes, Google Apps are supported on any phone capable of receiving IMAP mail and is supported on iPhone and Windows Mobile smart phones via an application installed on the phone.

Can I still set an out of office reply with GMail?

Yes, out of office replies are supported by Google.

Can I send mass-mail messages on GMail? 

Yes, mass mail will be available on GMail. 

Will I be able to set-up an out-of-office automated e-mail response in Gmail?

Yes, Gmail will allow you to set-up an out-of-office automated e-mail response. Click here for instructions.

How do I archive Gmail to a PDF?

Please see the following instruction: Saving an e-mail to a PDF formatted file




What will happen to my calendar?

Your existing calendar will be converted to Google Calendar. 

Will I still be able to use Microsoft Outlook to manage my calendar?

Yes, you will be able to use the Google Microsoft Office Sync to manage your calendar in Outlook, but you will get the full features of Google Apps using the Web.

Will I still be able to see other people's calendars?

Yes, you will be able to view the free/busy times of anyone using the CSEUB Google Calendar, as you can now in our Exchange calendaring system. However, if anyone has allowed you to see the details of their calendar or to modify it, they will have to do this again in Google Calendar as these permissions will not be migrated. For more information please go here.

Will I still be able to schedule meetings with other faculty and staff using Google Calendar?

Yes, you will be able to invite people to your meetings and view their free/busy times.

Will room availability still appear on Google Calendar?

Yes, room availability will be visible via Google Calendar.

 Will I be able to delegate my calendar?

Yes, you will be able to delegate your calendar. For setup instructions please go here.

Will my Outlook Tasks and Notes be migrated?

No, Outlook Tasks and Notes will not be migrated. If you’d like to still use Tasks and Notes, you will need to move them to your personal file in Outlook. Instructions will be coming soon.


What will happen to my contacts?

Your existing contacts will be converted to GMail.

Will I still be able to use Microsoft Outlook to manage my contacts?

Yes, you will be able to use the Google Microsoft Office Sync to manage your contacts in Outlook, but you will get the full features of Google Apps using the Web.


Will my Spark Chat account contacts transfer over to Google Chat?

No, contacts in your Spark account will not transfer over to Google Chat

Will Google Talk work with other IM services?

Yes, but Google Talk will only support chat with other Google Talk and AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) users assuming you have an AIM account.

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